Watch The Making Of GOT Episode 5 & 6 in The Game Revealed E03

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HBO has been very generous in bringing new and variety of ways to enjoy all of their ongoing episodes, listing down the preview trailer, interviews etc before the episode actually gets broadcast and when it does later that they would have a discussion panel though After the Thrones, a separate website bringing you people the Making of Game Of Thrones etc. Similarly this year the show went ahead in making a whole 5 part documentary series, entitled as “The Game Revealed”, every episode of the Docuseries brings the making and behind the scene of two episode for the ongoing season 6 and well with the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 got air last Sunday, The Game Revealed is ready with their third episode, a compiled making of Episode 5 “The Door” & Episode 6 “Blood Of my Blood”.

Watch The Making Of GOT Episode 5 & 6 in The Game Revealed E03

Also each year the show choose one particular episode and the making of that particular either the scene, sequel or the whole episode that took great creative and production labor and bring a small piece of video entitled as “Anatomy of A Scene”, which for Season 6 it was the Making Production Video of The Cave Battle, that excelled in being the best sequence in the whole of season 6. So the present third episode of The Game Revealed has got parts explaining the episode The Door to its depth and brings major focus to the sequence of The Cave Battle.

The finale sequence of episode 5 was an essential part we came across in season 6 yet, as it revealed the major and a long-term question about the origin of “Hodor”, but with revealing that they brought him death too, which was way petrified than anybody could have imagined. The whole massacre part of the Wight Walker, Wight, and the Night’s Kings took the prosthetic and makeup team almost 10 each one before they could go for a taking. With Last Sunday Game Of Thrones S06E06 “Blood Of My Blood” the major highlights were Benjen Starks return, Meera and Bran’s Rescue and Daenerys claiming to be powerful.

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