Showrunner Benioff & Weiss Apologize Regarding the Demise of Hodor in “The Door”

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Any new twist could approach the show anytime without any clew in Game Of Thrones and these twists are so tricky and crippled that it actually takes away your heart with dreadful feelings for almost the time the next episode doesn’t make its way on a screen on the following Sunday night. Similar something took place last Sunday in Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 “The Door”, we saw major storyline developing to a great extents, we went to some past vision, discovered the White walker, the Wight, and the Nights Kings and it was this part, the ending which brought one of the show most interesting character life in the show to an end “Hodor”, which actually revealed the five seasons-long secret and mystery behind the term, name and only word “Hodor”.

Showrunner Benioff & Weiss Apologize Regarding the Demise of Hodor in “The Door”

The showrunner their self were quite moved and had apologized for the episodes ending with regards to Hodor but not for getting him killed. Instead, they had a whole different reason that they actually apologize for and this was done via a small footage of them being shot where both sit on a couch which is loaded with bundles of money all around them and this footage was showcased on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. The Producer/Writer duo weren’t apologetic towards the tragic death of Hodor and showcased the most emotionally depriving scene so far in season 6 instead they are apologizing for the stupidity they have been given rise to by letting out “Hodor” origin which will be used in the funniest way all the fans around the world, every time they would need someone to “Hold The Door” at the doorstep or at the elevator etc.

Well there were some harsh words too, but the genuine one as they have been killing major characters from the very beginning of the show and they don’t mind that, but the death of Hodor is a special case for them. Here is the official statement they gave in the clip at Jimmy Kimmel Live:

“We’d like to apologize for Sunday’s episode, not for killing Hodor – we kill a lot of main characters. We’ve killed 739 main characters so far. We’re sorry for all the idiots who, from now on, will be shouting ‘Hodor’ every time you go through a door. We forgot how annoying people can be. That’s our bad. We should have seen that coming. Again, so, so sorry. People are the worst.”

Also, catch up with the video footage they showcased at the Jimmy Kimmel Live here:

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