No Synopsis for Episode 9 “Battle Of The Bastards” and Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter”

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Last year Season 5 faced an ample amount of problem, as the initial first four episodes were leaked just a night prior to season 5 premier episodes and thus from everything beginning with the actual broadcasting to publicity and the whole production of season 6 was held with activities that were much kept under wrapped and season 6 became all about its secrecy. Even for the 6th edition the show refused to give away any sort of press release for the further episodes and not even the send screeners to critics. All of this because they wanted this season to get spoiled by any leak, but then later this particular process showed some leniency in the manner that gradually after every single episode went by, the show indeed released the official forthcoming episodes titles with their synopsis and description but now that we have almost come to an end of the season 6 the show has refused to disclose the final two episodes synopsis.

No Synopsis Release for Episode 9 “Battle Of The Bastards” and Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter”

Yes, what you hear is correct HBO won’t be releasing the official Synopsis for Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 (Battle of The Bastards) and Episode 10 (The Winds Of Winter), which seems a bit unfair of what’s exactly going to take place in the episode. Well the trailer for the next episodes that the show usually releases after every episode get over on Sunday night give us a bit of hints and scale of how the next episodes are going to go but what we came across in Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Trailer, we find only war to come our way the next Sunday. Which is not quite true because the show won’t waste around in spending the whole more than an hour episode to be about only the war between Ramsey Bolton and Jon Snow, there’s always something more involved in every episode, multiple stories to be honest. So to give a bit of a view and help us picture the next episode what contributes is the Trailer and the Synopsis both. But it seems that the makers and the channel are not willing to let us much of what we should be expecting in these final two episodes.

Well, this morning as the channel sent out the press release for the last two episode all it stated were the titles, name of the director and writer along with the production credits, but it didn’t have the synopsis or the description in it. The “Won’t release any descriptions” for the final two episode was officially reported in a Story Ran by Entertainment Weekly. We see ourselves going ahead like half blind as we won’t have the synopsis for the episodes, but other materials such as the Trailer and the weekly episodes pictures will be released in time.

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