GOT 607 Spoiler: The Letter Sansa Stark Wrote & Sent in “The Broken Man” is Revealed

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As far as we can see the brother-sister are finding it quite difficult for themselves to seek support from almost all the northern houses and with the last episodes scenario it becomes very much confirming that Jon is set to ride North to Winterfell anytime soon, with or without all the Northern Houses coming to their aid in the Battle that would be taking place against them and the Bolton’s, well there has been a lot of reason we came across while Jon, Sansa, and Davos seek for their help and what came out to the reason was that most of these houses has a problem in standing alongside the Wildlings and to fight and another once is that they already have lost a lot of their man fighting for others war and this bring them no such help but only death of their own man, hence now Jon in the previous episode decides that he would be riding north with what he has got.

GOT 607 Spoiler The Letter Sansa Stark Wrote & Sent in “The Broken Man” is Revealed

But a bit conflict of a conflict between Jon & Sansa about the concern over only 2000 men riding 5000 & more against each other would bring them defeat and thus once again Sansa play her secretive part in bringing some assurance to their plan by writing a letter to some, but after the episode was over a lot of people assumed of whom this letter has been sent to and more importantly what’s been written in it. There for a lot of had the curiosity and among one who is a super fan and a Redditor, user CreepyPancakes made an effort to investigate and ultimately reveal the scriptures of what’s inside the letter. Remember the episode “The Door” when both Sansa and Littlefinger confronts each other where Sansa makes a point of failing her and the trust she had on him, when Littlefinger offered her his support by providing her the Knights of the Vale and she rejected, well with the letter it seems the situation changing and now she writes this letter to accept what was reject earlier and hence the letter breakdown has been done by CreepyPancakes user to give us a clear pictures of what’s in there.

[GoT S06E07] What did Sansa write in that letter?

There has been a lot of words in the breakdown that weren’t able to see, but very smartly the Reddit user added in the words such as “North” and also “Littlefinger” that possibly might bring the letter to some conclusion and catching up the scenario that goes by from one word to another things get quite relevant and seem very true that it surely has been written to Littlefinger because then whom Sansa should be sending such secret letter to without the knowledge of Jon Snow, as she has already made such attempt previously in the season 6 by sending Brienne of Tarth to Riverrun to Blackfish who happens to be her uncle and that concludes that its defiantly Littlefinger left that she would ask for such a help. Well here is what the letter actually has to state:

“you promised to protect me […] Now you have a chance to fulfill your promise […] Knights of the Vale are under your command. Ride north for Winterfell. Lend us your aid and I shall see to it that you are […] rewarded.”

Interesting would the moment we actually come across the situation of whether the trust will pay Sansa Stark this time or Baelish has got other plan on his mind, we see that coming to be either true or false only In the forthcoming Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 8 “No One” this Sunday on May 12, 2016, on HBO Networks.

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