Game Of Thrones Won’t Be Filming Season 7 in Girona and More Castle Hunt Begin In Spain

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Spain has been a prominent place in filming the Game of Thrones from past two years, from which Girona has been the most important location for some regular territories of the character, situation and neighborhood has been essential for the production of Season 5 and Season 6. Now as the producers have been reaching to its moment of ending the show with finale two Season 7 and Season 8 before they take down the curtains, more important events are set to stage for the upcoming scenario emerging for the thrones and also the winter wars to come. The latest news source by El Punt Avui confirms that the show will not be coming back to the city of Girona to shoots season 7.

Game Of Thrones Won't Be Filming Season 7 in Girona and More Castle Hunt Begin In Spain

Well to being with places from a narrative of Game Of Thrones that lie in Girona are Kings Landing (A portion of Sept of Baelor confrontation), Braavos (Waif stabbing Arya & their upcoming chase) and much more has been staged by the production to shoot the season 6. Now the question that arises as they are going to move from Girona is how they would be showcasing the storyline of King’s Landing as it is the central location of events that occur in the series. Well for Braavos we can just assume that Arya is to escape the place and move straight to Westeros, in her last attempt to do that went pretty brutal and almost killed her, so, for now, the story still catches up in Girona, I mean in Braavos. But with this particular news by EPA makes it very simplifying that the location will be seen only until season 6.

Now as they aren’t returning back to Girona for filming season 7, doesn’t mean they will be not shooting in Spain. They indeed are shooting in the different place in Spain, in fact, presently Los Siete Reinos reported that one of the Spanish production company named Fresco Films is involved with the makers of Game Of Thrones and are looking for some great Castles in the country which can be used in the next season. It also reported that the show is meant to shoot some hefty Castle scene and Battles to take place around them the scene in the next season 7.

Girona has also been in negotiation with the show earlier this year for the makers to come back and shoot in the city, but now it seems that this would work up as the show is moving ahead with new locations. We would keep on updating you people related to such news till then do not forget to Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 No One this Sunday on June 12, 2016, on HBO Networks.

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