Game Of Thrones 609 Preview (Trailer): Battle of The Bastards

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Yesterday night Episode was ecstatic in all of its sequences, but it also did had a lot of sequences that came in to strike us hard and then just left us without feeling it more. With some action packet sequence, we thought of didn’t actually took place at all, like the fight between Jaime and Blackfish instead it was the mere compromise that Edmure had to do by listening to Jaime Lannister. Although he didn’t really had much of a choice. Next was such thinking that was well picked up but didn’t really matched up with the kind of animosity that usually the show carries it in each of its episodes. But now as episode 8 has been done Game Of Thrones 6 is all set for the actual battle that is to take place in Episode 9 entitled as Battle of the Bastards and to give us all a look at what’s been left for us HBO has revealed Game of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Battle of The Bastards Official Trailer.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Preview Trailer- Battle of Bastards

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Preview Trailer- Battle of Bastards

Well we obviously have come down to this moment in the show where we finally lead in with some serious business of War and the war that Jon Snow has been preparing for from the very beginning of the show and the trailer give a look at the situation has already made him and his side people look like an underdog who initially would find it so very tough to fight but later on with some strange kind of a strategy they might win and we assume this because of believing that the show would not make the followers go though Jon Snow’s death again. Well, this time, it really won’t shock us, a bit of an evidence can acknowledge during the moment in the trailer when Jon says Melisandre this if I die in this war please do not bring me back to life.

Game Of Thrones 609 Preview (Trailer) Battle of The Bastards

We also see that Davos has finally brought to the truth of sacrificing Shireen for the sake of the victory in the war and it was practiced by Melisandre that will be a scene which will bring us some of the most brutal talks. The trailer also states that Jon is known for the fact that he has got fewer men and that their people could not really defeat them, hence, another decision that Jon has to make in order to the survival of thousands of man. The official synopses aren’t out yet which is kind of unusual and had taken place previously in the last episode as well in “No One” and thus, it will be updated as it officially arrives online. until then Watch Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 9 Trailer Online and wait for the upcoming Game Of Thrones S06E09 scheduled to release June 19, 2016, only on HBO Networks.

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