Game Of Thrones 608 Inside The Episode Explains the Major Sequences From “No One”

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Episode 8 ‘No One’ was meant to explore something more out of Arya Stark story in the show and it precisely does that, but apart from the whole chase and falling out free for who you are from Arya Stark the episode was also about a lot of major activities and scenarios that have brought the show into completely different light. Which as an audience we weren’t expecting, in fact what everyone expected was to see all the faith militants arriving at Red Keep for Cersei would die as they would face Mountain, next was to have been experience an actual fight between Blackfish and Jaime Lannister to get the Castle at Riverrun, but all of it didn’t get to that level and took different path. Hence, the whole understanding of these events took place in the episode had some deep down reasons and intention that need to be referred at once and in Inside The Thrones, the show brings us close to that explanation by the very makers and the actors of that Episode.

Game Of Thrones 608 Inside The Episode Explains the Major Sequences From “No One”

As it was titled behind the Arya Stark, the show opened with her as she seeks help to the only friend Arya has got in the whole of Braavos, but the action of the show and expectation was from the very scene of Cersei choosing Violence. Writer-Producer David Benioff and D. B. Weiss comment and bring us close to change in the unexpected plans and the rules that Tommen in the episode came up with such as, Cersei has been looking forward to the trial by combat but now that policy has been given up on and that took it’s been announced by his very son, who also happens to address that she would be wrong on her mother’s side but then him being a king he has his own responsibility to act correctly, be it then for him. Talking about Riverrun, Brienne meeting Jaime was one awkward but emotional scene which should the gratitude of the scene and also shows off how both of them being rivals as for the Houses are considered, still somewhere mean something to each other and the complexity and the gravity of the Scene that got pulled off so smartly that it didn’t need a war.

Also the part of Arya Stark the Producers made a point about many faced god and how they practice of one a name been called out for has to be brought in the House of Black and White, which Arya has now disobeyed by not completing her tasks that was given to Arya by the very Many-Faced God and hence now it put her into that threatening position of losing her life, but the only notion of her doing all of this is that she has realized the human being in her and now is looking forward to freeing herself from being No One, the one that she has always been pretending to be even so she was always Arya Stark.

Back In Meereen, we see that all the smart work and the talk by Tyrion Lannister have failed and the Masters have reached Meereen to take more than what was promised. The greed grew in them and this was already been warned by Grey Worm and Missandei which has made Tyrion look really small then what he actually looks like. But the whole thing turns more difficult as the Queen herself arrive back to Meereen. To which Emilia Clark states that all of them are like children and suddenly they see a whole massacre and that will be a difficult thing that’s going to follow in the next episode.

The final clip of Inside the Episode focus especially on Jaime dealing with Edmure and trying to get him convinced or we’d rather say trying to creep in fear and injustice to him and pin his emotional side so that he himself give Jaime hold of the Castle at Riverrun and tell his men to surrender.

From Inside the Episode of No One we learn a great deal of emotion, tactics, rising threat, raging war and uplifting threats about the character and their storyline more thoroughly, so please do not forget to catch up with the upcoming Game of Thrones 6 Episode 9 “Battle of The Bastards” next Sunday on HBO Networks and the whole week we would bring you people such interesting inside from the show.

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