Cersei’s “I Choose Violence” Sequence Explained by Screen Rival, Actor Eugene Simon aka Lancel Lannister

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It was last year in season 5 when High Sparrow arrived in King’s Landing and things began to shape up and literally brought a great change by the end as Sparrows institutes, the faiths help bring three of the Royal houses members into their torturous custody. Margaery and Loras technically were handed over to Faiths by Cersei Lannister and that itself made her being one of the convicts and a radical sinner, which ultimately made her go through the most humiliating and petrified punishment of Walking down the lanes of King’s Landing necked. But now with what’s about to come as Cersei once again is without any support and is about to come across those faith fanatics to confront her at the Red Keep in tonight episode No One. In one of the recent interview, Lancel Lannister actor Eugene Simon gave an exciting introspective explanation on the situation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cersei’s “I Choose Violence” Sequence Explained by Screen Rival, Actor Eugene Simon aka Lancel Lannister

Talking about the raging fight that’s going to take place in the episode, Simon think it’s the power that about to clash as, one is looking forward to her insult and another one is so much understood with the ideology that they have again power which is quite equal to the crown itself and thus stating these things Simon made a point and said, “This is about trying to determine the boundaries of how much power the Faith is now capable of exerting on Cersei, and basically the Crown. There’s still a fight to be had. This battle, this war is not won. I think what fans should really keep an eye out for is who did it look like is going to break first: the Faith or the Crown? They will see by the end of that scene that there’s still a lot more work to do.”

The scene between both the parties has been showed in the official full-length trailer for season 6 as well, especially that dialogue where Cersei says, “I Choose Violence” looks intense but is not a very huge scene because if from Lancel side he has got few man, but Cersei has got just one man The Mountain to her side, which we all know by now that he is enough took a lot of labor in the construction of this particular scene and hence in providing information Simon has got this to say:

“While we were shooting it, it took about two-and-a-half days to maybe finish it because there was a little bit of stunt work that had to be done and some kind of prosthetic work to properly get across the awfulness that happens in it, which was very fun. Hafthor is an absolutely enormous human being. He’s one of the strongest men in the world, possibly the strongest man in the world. But while shooting it, that guy is wearing 28 kilos, about 58 pounds worth of solid armor. It’s seriously heavy stuff for one thing. So he really fits the part as much as looking it.”

Another terrifying thing about this faith militant is that even so belonging to an institution that is looking forward to bring goodness in the world, each person still acts with this ideology of violence and that is precise because they have to face such dreadful people to tackle with and so such is their weapon and one that Lancel Lannister holds here is quite the same kind.

Game Of Thrones 608- Lancel Lannister in No One

“It is a pretty intense weapon. When you hold a sword, there is something sort of elegant about swords. But there’s something about this cudgel with four little prongs at the end of it that is so sort of brutal, so sort of bludgeoning. It’s a quite extraordinary thing to wield it but once you’re on set and in character it becomes second nature I guess. It weighs probably 15 pounds, maybe 20. It’s a proper bit of kit.”

Both sides be it pretending to be as good as to bring change into another, well this approach is only of the Faith militants, whereas Cersei is just out there to get back to them so that she could face them up and take her revenge of all the insult and humiliation and to this particular subject both these parties will be acting in the most violent manner in this very episode of Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 8 “No One”, Premier tonight on HBO Networks at 9 p.m. ET sharp.

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