No One – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8

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Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 8 Summary- No OneS06E08

Season 6, Episode 8

Episode Name: No One

Air Date: June 5, 2016

Written By: Bryan Cogman

Directed By: Jack Bender

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Review and Plot- No One

‘No One’, indeed open with the narrative followed in Braavos, as the first frame itself brings us straight in the middle of the act of the play, a part where Joffrey is dead and over her dead body Cersei (Lady Crane) give a speech to seek vengeance and as it get over and lady Crane is headed back to her dressing room, she notices Arya lying in the corner behind the curtain blooding. Hence, you see Arya did have someplace to go to so that she would heal her wounds. In this little talk between both of then Lady Crane asks her to join their troop as they would be moving to Pentos and are also in need of an actress, refusing so Arya wants to travel far West of Westeros. But before she even thinks of escaping the place she is aware of the threat that still remains from Waif as she would be back, Lady Crane provide her some poppy milk and she goes to an instant sleep.

Somewhere in Westeros, the Brotherhood without Banners are sitting and having their fun talks, but are quite unaware of the fact that they had disturbed something and hence the reaction of that’s going to arrive them and it does as suddenly we see Hound, Arya Starks former partner, chopping heads of them and seems as if he has got quite comfortable with the Ax. All the man almost killed in the most brutal manner, but Hound still misses the one man among them with that yellow cloak, he carries on his hunting to find him and take vengeance on the killing of the innocent and peaceful small community of Brother Ray.

No One – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Review and Recap

In Meereen, we feel it’s the usual Tyrion-Varys walk down in the lanes of the city which, this time, seems to have gained some sort of city like environment where everything is back to moving smooth and is normal. Tyrion is happy about the fact that his meet with Red Priestess Kinvara has brought a great help as they see one of her followers preaching for Daenerys Targaryen the Queen among the commoner people of Meereen. We finally get to notice that it isn’t their usual roaming in the city thing, instead of its Varys who is leaving somewhere on a mysterious expedition and would return when it’s the time. As Both see each other off we see a bond and a support that could have had great turning ahead in the show.

Back in the Red Keep, we come to that final scene which has been keeping us promised of some Cersei Lannister brutal actions that she is capable of. The Faith Militants are in the premise of Red Keep and knowing that the King knows is aware of their visit, Cersei herself take a moment to confront the Faith and Cousin Lancel Lannister whose lead the other in there on the order of High Sparrow to get her to the Sept of Baelor. Both Lancel and Cersei come face to face, he asks her first to follow the command, she refuses and moves back, the faith comes forward to get her but for that, they will have to face the Mountain. Lancel for the final time orders Cersei to get his man back or there will be violence and as we all are aware of Cersei chooses “Violence” and there you go. A faith attack on Mountain with his dreadful weapon, Mountain catches his head only to take it off from his neck and letting the other Militants known that it won’t be easy for them to get her from the Red Keep instead Cersei welcomes High Sparrow to visit her there.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode Episode 8 Full Review- No One

Reaching up to Riverrun, Brienne knows that the Siege at the Castel is none other than Ser Jaime Lannister himself. Podrick and Bronn reunite in a very casual and friendly manner as he checks for Payne’s skills over his combat training provided by Brienne. Inside the tents of Ser Jaime, Brienne makes a point about a deal she would offer to get him the Castel, only if he allows Blackfish and his army to get through them safely without any bloodshed to walk with her straight towards North to help Sansa get her home in Winterfell and that she would negotiate the same and try to convince blackfish on the matter. But this particular talk gets over with a fact that she would have to fight back and stand against Jaime if the situations ask for as she belongs to the side Sansa and it’s her Honor to fight from her side. As she visits the Castle and offers Blackfish the same deal, he refuses it even upon reading the letter send by Sansa and saying that he would not give it up and if Jaime is looking forwards to having it, he can buy the very legitimate and battle norms of fighting and take it by force.

Cersei in King’s Landing decides to straightaway talk to son and the King Tommen herself in the Throne room but she is stopped by Kevan the Hand of the King and later as King Tommen begins with his royal announcement and declares that the tradition of trial by combat will be banished totally in the whole of Seven Kingdoms and instead the trials will follow the old ways of bringing the judgment by the Seven Septon and the gods to proved the punishment to the convict. Now the only hope to come out clear in the Trail by Combat where Mountain will fight for her has failed, but Qyburn talks about a mysterious investigation ordered by Cersei has been concluding and is solved, which means Cersei still has her own way of dealing with things, but only this time it’s under wrapped.

As we get back to Meereen again, we see an atmosphere in the chambers where Missandei and Grey Worm are made to drink by Tyrion and between the funny and casual scene of them getting more comfortable with each other, we sense Tyrion missing Varys, in fact in real he misses almost all of his friends and as these three laughs, tells stories and joke around, the bells are ring and the next we were known is there are Ships coming to their lands in like hundreds. Missandei only states to Tyrion that, “The masters have come to their property.” The masters begin to attack the city from their fleets; Tyrion is questioned of his talking which has failed them. Advised by Grey Worm of staying in the Pyramid and when it’s the correct time, they attack they here a voice of something getting hit from above, the unsullied prepare to attack, the next we see from the balcony arrive Queen Daenerys the stromborn.

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Back at the siege, Jaime reaches out to Edmure Tully in his tents where he has been chained and with some talks about here and their Edmure ticks Jaime and hence Jaime makes up a point about the their sister, Catelyn Stark of Edmure and Cersei of Jaime whom he loves more than anything and proclaims that he need to get back to her as soon as possible and that if he might have to even kill his little son and wife he would do it or else he himself get to the castle and bring his man to surrender. Which he does ultimately give the orders to open the door and let the Lannister’s get intake over the Castle and find Blackfish. In the back year, Blackfish escorts Brienne and Podrick to a small boat to leave, asking him to join them, he refuses to say he would fight back and die rather than get away and run. Next, we hear from a soldier providing Jaime the news is that Blackfish died fighting.

Getting back with Hound, he finds the company of some old foes, hanging the once whom he has been looking for. It’s the Lighting Lord Beric Dondarrion along with the Thoros of Myr, hanging their own man for crossing their limit and killing the innocents, Brother Ray, and his spiritual followers. Hound claims them to kill as they killed his friend, in return, he is providing with the two of the convicts but not by buttering by only by hanging. Next, we see is Hound having food with them and ask him to join their Brotherhood without Banners as they prepare for the War of the Winds.

The morning in Braavos doesn’t go well with Lady Crane as she gets a visitor at her place an unknown face and by that we knew it, Waif, she kills Lady Crane first and the sound of that wakes Arya up only to notice Waif standing in front of her. Arya takes a jump from the Balcony and the chase begins as Waif hold that little knife in her hand and run behind her. At a moment when Arya has almost lost her and is in the middle of the market Waif once again find her way to get back to Arya in the marketplace and she has to go again, Arya runs once again and reaches to a point where she once again has to take up a jump, coming down rolling from the stares creating a mess of the fruits in the buckets. Realizes that her wounds have opened again and is bleeding, running for her life she reaches up to her secret chamber, sitting there like she has given up and as Waif gets in all she does is ask her of how would want to get herself killed.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Review and Recap

Arya gets up in that chamber lit with just one single candle, holding her needle sword she first cuts the candle and then in the dark they fight. The next frame we reach straight to the House of Black and White, Jaqen H’ghar finds blood on the floor and that blood spilled on the floor takes him to Hall of Faces and finds the face of Waif in one of the pillars. Arya Stark arrives there, Faceless Man acquaints her saying she finally has become ‘No One’ to which Arya respond sayings, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home.”

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Summary (Synopsis)- No One

Arya Stark seeks help, shelter and healing from Lady Crane and in return are offered a place into their troop; Hound uses his Ax to take vengeance from the Brotherhood without Banners. Mountain squashes a faith militants head to protect Cersei Lannister. King Tommen forbid the tradition of Trial by Combat in all of Seven Kingdome. Brienne negotiating with Blackfish fails, Jaime uses Edmure to finally surrender the castle as Brienne flee from the Riverrun headed back to Jon and Sansa. Daenerys Targaryen arrives the under attacked Meereen and Hounds joins hand with the Brotherhoods for the good cause of Winds of Winter. Arya Kills Waif only to become Arya Stark now headed back home to Winterfell to join the Battle Of Brotherhood.

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