Blood of My Blood – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Blood Of My Blood Recap Season 6, Episode 6

 Episode Name: Blood of My Blood

 Air Date: May 29, 2016

 Written By: Bryan Cogman

 Directed By: Jack Bender

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Review and Plot- Blood of My Blood

Bran Stark still occupied into his world of vision and we see montages of all the big and small events that has took place so far in Westeros, far north and in his personal memories of Winterfell too, every image of a terrifying moments are been drawn into the image of Bran Stark with only one voice which says, “Burn them all”, Meera on the other side is struggling to get as far as they could because the threat of the Wight and the Dead once still remain on their back. Just then another vision takes place to Bran, the one he saw in the last episode coming across the Night’s King and him tracing Bran. Meera unable to pull Bran anymore and she cry out, as suddenly Bran wakes up only to inform her that they have found them and are coming close. The Dead approaches both Meera & Bran and just when they reach close, a man on the horse ride in between the scene only to save them and leave from there.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Review and Plot- Blood of My Blood

A long journey from Castle Black to Horn Hill comes to close for Sam and Gilly as they reach home, but before that Sam makes sure that Gilly does not reveal her true identity of being a Wildling. Carrying an odd poise and accent of a royal lady, Gilly is introduced to Sam’s mother and sister who welcomes Gilly with an overwhelming heart only to transform her completely. At the dinner table, a bit nervous Sam sits and hit anxiously and is teased of still being a soft and fat man by his own father. Gilly unable to resist his insult speaks about his achievements of having being killed a White Walker in an attempt to save her and in doing so she helps clear her identity of being a Wildling to Sam’s Father. Feeling pretty, ashamed and dishonored of his son of being got along with a Wildling Whore and give his name to a Bastard after Mother Tyrell leaves the table with Gilly, he in a rugged manner allows Gilly and Little same to lodge in with them on a condition of not wanting Sam to be back ever.

Prepared to say goodbye for the final time to little Sam and Gilly, a bit emotional Sam has been still supported by Gilly as he walks out leaving her into the room, but not in a while Sam returns back to the decision of not having them left them alone here among his family and instead they would be going with him as they all belong together, but before he could leave in secret Sam makes sure that the family sword made of a Valerian Steel belongs to him after his father dies has been taken and them fled from the Old Town.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis)- Blood of My Blood

In the King’s landing Tommen is worried about her queen Margaery’s Walk of Atonement and High Sparrow assures him that the punishment would only do good for everybody as people already like Margaery and as she would be walking naked, no shame would be shed on her and finally gives Tommen a chance to meet her queen. Both Tommen and Margaery Tyrell on the very site they come across one another they meet embracing each other and suddenly we see a complete change in Margaery’s ideology towards High Sparrow and how he happened to bring out the most honest one out of her, which in real we trace that she is lying to work up thing in order to free her brother Loras Tyrell and thus is unconsciously helping High Sparrow take control of the situation he feels is about to come.

In Bravos the part 2 of the play continues, as Joffrey’s Wedding scenario is depicting how his story ends, a very powerful act is provided as Lady Crane playing Cersei Lannister makes a very intriguing speech as Arya Stark watches her with keen eyes. The Play end and Arya make her way backstage complete her job to poison Lady Crane and kill her. Her attempt to put the poison into the actress Rum bottle is accomplished and as she makes her way out, she is stopped by Lady Crane only be introduced and get to know each other a bit, which we feel had sparked some Arya emotions into her and so leaves. But after a while, as Lady Crane is about to drink through the Poisoned Rum, Arya push her glass away and breaks it before she could drink. Waif witness Arya Starks actions who has just disobeyed the commands of the Faceless Man again, the better part of this is that Arya Stark is no more going to carry on trying to be No One as she reaches for her Sword she hid under the stone. Taking knowledge of Arya Stark’s actions Jaqen H’ghar ask Waif to kill her but without any greater pain.

Game Of Thrones S06E06 Blood of My Blood Trailer

Mace Tyrell lead the Tyrell Army and is escorted by Jaime Lannister midway as they reach the Sept of Baelor, where High Sparrow on the Steps is preparing for the Punishment of Margaery for her Walk of Atonement, by making a speech in front of the common people of the King’s Landing. Finally as the Army arrive, Jaime proclaims their agenda of giving their queen back to them. The Army take their position and we are well aware of the fight that’s about to take place as High Sparrow refuses them that nobody can have her as it’s a process where gods ideology resonates, but in no time High Sparrow himself makes an announcement of no Walk of Atonement to take place and as he introduces King Tommen Baratheon among them only to announce the new alliance the King’s Landing to have, an alliance between the crown and the faith. Jaime is pissed at Tommen of this stupid decision which came in through the manipulation of High Sparrow. In the Throne room, Tommen Baratheon completely in the possession of the mindset of High Sparrow speaks in the favor of the latest alliance and any harm or an attack on the faith would be treated with severe punishment. Hence Jaime’s attempt of attack to the faith he has been now banished and is ordered to leave to Riverlands and handle the Blackfish affair.

Last seen in Season 3, Lord Walder Frey returns quite unhappy and disappointed towards his own sons who have been unable to get back Riverrun from the Blackfish, which also happened to escape from them and now are dominating them in Riverrun, finally no enthusiasm seem in his kinds, Lord Frey reveals up his trump card, the captive “Edmure Tully” and use him to get back what belong to them.

In a small heated up conversation between Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister both are quite aroused by High Sparrows influence over Tommen and that’s when Jaime decides that he would be paying a bag to Bronn and some more to slit Sparrows throat and every single faith that remain, to which Cersei advises him to no carry on this way instead he should be heading to Riverrun and get it under their power by working up with the Blackfish to get back the status they had held on to for all these years.

Blood of My Blood– Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Summary Review

Reach a safe place, Meera and Bran rest as the stranger man prepares for food, he is asked to who is actually is, the revelation is none other than his own uncle “Benjen Stark”. Who narrates them his story of how he has survived the death provided by the White Walkers, which he happened to be rescued by the very own creator of the Walkers, the Children of Forest with the help of Dragonglass. Thus, Bran is also known about how Three Eyed Raven has sent him to Bran’s support and now as he has become the Three-Eyed Raven he would need to take control of his powers as some day he will have to confront the Night’s King.

On the way headed to Meereen, Both Daario and Daenerys Targaryen along with her army of Dothraki they take a halt as Daenerys ask for an estimation of ship to require for all the army that she acquires to lead them straight all the way to Westeros so to finally rule over the Seven Kingdome, to which Daario claims that she is more over a conqueror, but capturing Seven Kingdome ultimately makes her the ruler of everything that’s there. Speculating something ahead in the mountains, Daenerys decides to move ahead but alone as everyone waits behind. Moments later a bit suspicious Daario unable to see Dany coming decides to move ahead in the direction, but just then a giant dragon approaches from the sky and we see Dany sitting on it.

Blood of My Blood – Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6

She asks her Khalasar as to be her Bloodriders, not the traditional three Khalasar to a Khal but the whole of Khalasar to be her Bloodriders as she ain’t any Khal but Queen Daenerys, who wants to captures the Seven Kingdome, rule and thus would want every single Dothraki man to march with her to the Westeros as his Bloodriders, thus the title “Blood of My Blood”

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Summary (Synopsis)- Blood of My Blood

Bran and Meera under the attack of the Wight’s and the Dead once are saved by a stranger and rescued. Gilly is exposed to be a Wildling in front of Poppa Tarly and Sam leaves the house talking their family valerian sword. High Sparrow allows Tommen to meet Margaery, Jaime arrives with the Tyrell army to rescue the Margaery and Loras Tyrell. Arya successfully replenishes the poison to kill Lady Crane, Lord Walder Fray plans to use his captive against the Blackfish to acquire Riverrun. Daenerys take hold of her dragon and commands his Khalasar to become her Bloodriders.

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