Brian Cogman Writer GOT 6 Explains Character Quick Travel to Places in Westeros

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Every since the show has started and became quite popular by season 2 and spread across regions gaining a huge popularity by the time season 3 started. So by then almost everyone knew about the vastness of the premise of Game Of Thrones geography and also about how far every story has been collided by their own region and kingdoms yet the show bring together such a compelling and intriguing story in the most intelligent manner possible. But now as we have reach season 6 there has been few events and it is about these few characters travel journey across regions being so dubious. As there are some who are seen completing their travels so fast yet other take quite many episodes to reach up to places.

Brian Cogman Writer GOT 6 Explains Character Quick Travel to Places in Westeros

For examples things like these have grown to some greater extents in season 6 and we have seen some character reaching out to place in much quicker time, such as Petyr Baelish made his season 6 debut in the episode four “Book of The Stranger” in Vale and decided to get to Mole’s Town to meet Sansa Stark and by the next episode “The Door” we see him reach there in Mole’s Town confronting Sansa. Well this is a very quick journey to look at because to reach up to north from Vale need Littlefinger to cross Winterfell as well, and the journey that Sansa and Brienne took from Winterfell to Caste Black was far longer than what Little finger has been able to do, or to be practice as been drawn that way by the makers.

We also witnessed another such characters journey which was far quick than the practical once the show has already shown us before. For instant the character that we are talking about presently are Yara and Theon Greyjoy who lift the Iron Island in episode “The Door” with all the fleets possible sailing to Volantis by Episode 7 “The Broken Man” that by taking the journey from the southern tip of the Westeros and then crossing the large distance of Narrow Sea to reach the Volantis. Now even that is very long trip covered in just two episodes. Thus in an Interview with Brian Cogman, Entertainment Weekly asked him about this vague character travel journey and so providing with an explanation he answered saying,

“The timelines between the various storylines don’t necessarily line up within a given episode. For instance, the ‘Northern Tour’ Jon and Sansa embark on would probably take a couple weeks, but Arya’s storyline over the past few episodes only spans a few days. We realized a while ago that if we tied ourselves in knots trying to make all the ‘story days’ line up between all the characters the momentum would suffer.”

Well this could be the case as the show is actually telling a story and different character story who are placed in a completely diverse region and thus according to a person who is a technician and one of the makers of the show might seem relevant, but still this particular placement of this character fades a bit of realism in the story for those who give the show a conscious thought and approach for all of its element. Also, this contradicting journey of Littlefinger and the Greyjoy sibling came to be explained a lot better by the, who provided a map introspection of their respective journey and can be check on their link above.

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