Year 2015 JON Snow’s Death Scene Topped List

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The Daily Mail had Ranked 1st for the year 2015 the JON SNOW‘s Death Topping as Scene as it got and gathered 687,871 Tweets and about 10 Millinons views. The Scene was so pure that it take people deep in to the scene and make the pain feel in the hearts the day was upfolded in 2011 when dance with Dragon Came out. The season Finale was ended with Jon snow Death which was about 10 Minutes was viral on the internet world and this feeling made it the most emotional movement on Tv of year 2015.

The Fans also made many Questions to the creator why they killed JON father Death as he was one of the most popular character of the Game of Thrones the role was played by Sean Bean.

Weekly Entertainment Jon Death is the most drastic or viral movment out of 40 movements as it schoked the whole Fans but they didnt found it so much shocking to give it first place. They marked it at 9th Rank.on the Otherhand on the other Websites liker Cartermatt the Observation is still on the way as the year had some more days to get over the opinions will be lauched soon by others too. Comments By Entertainment Weekly:



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