Watch Behind the Scene of GOT 6 Episode 1 & 2 Making With The Game Revealed

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Each season of Game Of Thrones is comprised of only 10 Episodes and everyone around the world sometimes discusses, what takes it so long for the maker to make just 10 episodes? Well, it surely does take a lot of effort then we can even figure it out. With the present running Game Of Thrones 6, the show which has carried on independently without adapting the book series of George R. R. Martin and with creating your own content and then putting it all together exactly how it has been written and to be prepared for it in just 10 months and to that scale it really is a very difficult task and to make aware of this the show has managed to put together the effort and the labor in creating this epic saga in a 5 episode long Documentary Series, entitled as “The Game Revealed”. Which will bring you people all the behind action of Game Of Thrones season 6 creation of each episode, the documentary will cover two episodes behind the scene and making in its one single episode, one of which has made it way out here:

Well, the above video is from the YouTube, but the whole of the documentary is available on HBO Now and HBO Go and after every two episodes, this Docuseries will release the making of and behind the scene footages from the episodes.

Game Of Thrones 6-The game Revealed Docuseries

Some of the Highlight from the above 10 minutes Docuseries part 1 includes:

  • A candid interview with the writer David Benioff & Dan Weiss about creating the episodes 1 along with the insight on to their production process.
  • Director Jeremy Podeswa speaks about his difficulty over some of the scene while directing from the episode 2.
  • The episode 1 of this Docuseries gives us an insight over how many interrelated works are done at the scene before they actually go on the real sets to go about shooting the scene.
  • The Character of Wun Wun from Episode 2 Home, who among the other wildling enters the Castle Black has got a lot of tricks to make him look actually bigger than anybody else and about his prosthetic and makeup.
  • The makeup and prosthetic director Barrie Gower talk more in detail about Melisandre’s scene about the revelation of her true appearance and how he managed to pull that scene off in actual.
  • Highlighted scene such as Jon Snow resurrection, Melisandre’s true identity, and the planning behind Tyrion Lannister’s confronting the dragons scenes make their way up in the 1st episode of The Game Revealed and give us thorough details.

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