To the viewers delight Jon Snow may be alive in Season 6

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Speculation was on regarding Jon’s fate and finally after visiting the sets of the show in Belfast the paparazzi have discovered that we are going to see Kit Harrington again in season 6, as he was spotted in the costume, with a sword hanging from his waist. The Daily Mail has figured out that Melisandre could be responsible for his resurrection as Carice van Houten was spotted standing beneath an umbrella on the sets of the hugely popular show. However it is hard to gather many details from the photo as it is very grainy.

Kit Harrington

We can however make out that Jon Snow is no longer wearing the black armor pertaining to the Night’s Watch; however he is wearing “Stark” armor, a factor that suggests that the Bastard may be aligning an army against the Bolton who have captured his previous homeland Winterfell. Other spies have spotted Jon Snow engaged in an actual battle on field, and certainly not against the infamous White Walkers that we have last seen in “Hardhome”.  Other leaked news reveal that we will be seeing a flashback scene occurring at the Tower of Joy, featuring Ned Stark, and would disclose the truth behind Jon Snow’s parentage. As a climax we could expect to see Jon Snow regaining the Stark heritage so as to fascinate the viewers, and touch their hearts. The scenes are reportedly going to be filmed in Spain and work is underway.


All said and done Game of thrones has a history of unexpected twists and turns and so let’s not be optimistic in expecting  a Stark realm reunion or overpowering of Winterfell by Jon Snow! Even the book lovers do not know the ultimate fate of Jon Snow as yet. This photo in the Daily Mail just proves that Westeros is just guarding an already open secret!

At the Emmy Awards on the 20th of this month a lot of joking was done regarding Jon Snow being alive and the writers chose not to react, keeping everyone confused and ready to take in some surprises.

Nevertheless the writers have gauged that viewers have appreciated Kit Harrington and want to see more of him and unravel the mysteries of his past, a realm that was untouched in the past five seasons. It would obviously be a delight to see Kit Harrington on screen again and viewers are waiting to see the scenes that unravel the mystery of his resurrection.

Game of Thrones creators will definitely come up with something untoward and make the viewers jump in their seats and perhaps miss a heartbeat. However for now we can be satisfied in the fact that Jon Snow is in the race for being the ultimate hero in the much awaited climax!

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