These Indian Version of Game Of Thrones Sound Track Are Insanely Beautiful & Creative: A Must Watch

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Everything that this world of Westeros going behind to take hold over the Thrones has provided us in the past five years has had a great effect in every corner of the world and it somehow has also become part of some of the world cultures, lifestyle and even influenced people in part by some of the elements to form the show. Game Of Thrones as we all known has reached to almost every corner of the world and is indeed one of the most popular shows running presently with such a widened fan following. Well with such popularity comes, crazy following too and we have got some of the examples of people; the show became an inspiration to their creation.

Well, there are many numbers of the artist, worldwide who have been creating their own musical version of Game Of Thrones title track, originally composed by Ramin Djawadi. Now there is multiple version of this iconic track and we while researching on this artist and their work, came across the Indian version of Game Of Thrones Sound Track by this artist:

Game Of Thrones Indian Version Live Performance

So to begin with we firstly have this amazing and the most creative version of GOT’s title track, where the artist does not just play the music, instead, he sums up the long story short using lyrics in the Hindi language to narrate what Game Of Thrones the show is all about.

The Next video is of a known face, Vir Dar a famous Indian comedian, actor, and singer performed live at a rock concert and came up with a whole new and rocking version describing Game of Thrones and the Indian emotions towards it.

Game Of Thrones Cover

Well here we have this next set videos of artist who came up with their own Game Of Thrones Cover and the popular one which went viral earlier this week, is actually a table cover of the soundtrack performed by artist Karan Chitra Deshmukh, it’s a must watch:

Dhol-Tasha is another musical jamming that takes place during the celebration of popular festivals and  group of these people came up with their own version of instrumental music cover of Game Of Thrones:

Finally, we have another such musical cover of the soundtrack, which has been performed by artists Cabin & Vijay, an interesting Sitar and Tabla cover.

We hope you all must have like watching all these videos and must have understood, what kind of popularity and diverse following the show has got. Keep watching the show, the next Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 2 titled as “Home”, is scheduled to air on May 1st, catch it only on HBO Networks.

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