There may be some bad news for fans of Game of Thrones as the release date of Season 6 is delayed?

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There is news that filming of Season 6 of Game of thrones has been halted due to a planned revamp on account of negative criticism, which means that the premier dates will also be postponed.

There were all praises for the famous show on HBO until now, however critics have termed the show as boring.

Latest news have revealed that even though fans of the series Game of Thrones have continually increased worldwide, there is still some criticism that the George R.R. Martin adaptation in boring and bland.

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The Independent reported that another author named Bernard Cornwell, wasn’t such a great fan of Game of Thrones and was very definitely unimpressed by what was coming up in Season 6.

“So many characters. So many strands,” Cornwell was reported to have said. “You have to have large sections where the plot is explained; just have to sit there and be told what’s going on.”

The novelist of “Sharpe” simply called out Game of Thrones as racy, saying that the several sex scenes were filling in for what was actually a boring story with too many characters.

“This is very, very dull. So they put a lot of naked women behind it all,” Cornwell stated. “They’re called ‘sexplanations’ in the trade. My programmes won’t need sexplanations,” he continued.

While majority of the fans across the world would definitely disagree, the reported delay in the shooting of Season 6 is a major cause of concern for viewers, and there is intense speculation that HBO is planning to revamp the show causing a delay in the release date.

WatchersOnTheWall actually clarifies the issue and has pointed out that shooting of Game of Thrones has temporarily been stopped due to logistic issues. Revamp to suit the whims and fancies of a few haters is not on the cards.

“Filming will not begin tomorrow because there have been some objections to a very, very large structure being built,” revealed the report. “It will have to be examined by local representatives to see if it broke the rules in the original planning application. Due to this, filming can’t begin on time. The next inspection will take place possibly on Tuesday, and hopefully, filming in Corbet for Riverrun will start after that,” the report has stated.

Uptil date the Game of Thrones Season 6 2016 premier date has not been officially declared, but as per protocol there have been speculations that the show will be aired in April of 2016.

All fans can do now is wait and hope for the best, as the show runners are sure to come up with exciting extravaganzas that will leave you gasping for breath!


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