“The Winds of Winter” The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Novel can be Released in 1st Quarter 2016

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Source : Vinereport

The Good News for the ” Game of Thrones” Fans As per the Various reports and news it can be belived that the “The Winds of Winter” The new Book ” A Song of Fire & Ice wrote by George R.R. Martin is probably goinf to be realeased Durig the Game of Thrones Season 6 which is one of the most popular Tv Series of HBO. It may get little late but not so much late no as the News had been some how released and the season can be carry on as year after year. In the interview with Martin he also made his wish to finish the next season soon as possible.

He said Compeleting The Winds of Winter before the season 6 will be telecated it will be more important for him and may be he will fullfill his wish he is even eager to do so as fast as he could. He said he will give up more interviews to clear up Decks and make it fast.

As per the International Design Times also released that the New novel can be released in 1st Quater of year 2016 even they believe tbat they directors of the new season Winds of winter are on discussion how they will telecat the next season. The will be a lot more twist after the Game of Thrones Season 5 after the Jon Snow Scene too. So, just a little wait and the Twist will explore to you.

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