The True Inspiration Behind the Huge and Intriguing Sets Of Game Of Thrones Revealed

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Game Of Thrones became appealing and very realistic not just from the characters approach towards the Iron Thorn and the narrative, but in fact we also find believing in such a mysterious and enigmatic world because of the world and its structure of it, the way every culture of Westeros and Essos has been brought to us on screen and it is the work of an Australian Art director and production designer, Deborah Riley, who have been part of the show since season 4, which for the first time saw some of the most exceptional structural bodies, mentions, the inside of the castle and buildings that were quite beautiful yet intriguing, which supported the story line in making it more appealing to the viewers and hence making it the most appreciating show among the viewers, but the story behind the inspiration of these structures is equally interesting as what you have been watching things on screens.

Game Of Thrones 6 Meereen

On the approach towards the work that she has made it possible on the show, she discusses in the Recent Interview Reported By Curbed where she says, “If you’re asking an audience to believe in dire wolves, dragons and giants, you need the world to be as believable as possible.” Riley’s earlier works comprise of her involvement as a designer in films such as  Moulin Rouge, also directing the opening ceremonies for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics, all of her previous works has taken her to work with the great minds of Game Of Thrones and as she speaks about this she says,

“I was 39 when I was first given the job, and probably wasn’t the most obvious choice. But working with Baz, as well as Alejandro González Iñárritu on 21 Grams, gave me experiences with visionary ways of approaching filmmaking. And working on the Olympics definitely teaches you to stay sane during the madness.”

So when she got on board to create sets for the show, her research took her to place as she believes in talking the real-life structural elements to create something that would support the backdrop of Game Of Thrones story and that has helped her a lot to make those big sets that we see are now part of Westeros and Essos. Though she says that visual effect is always used with these designs to make it look more enormous and thus the show is an amalgamation of both actual structures been bought together with Visual effects to create the world of Game Of Thrones.

Well beginning to share the examples of those actual structures which inspired her to create some of the most beautiful Game Of Thrones set are listed below:

Museum Of Anthropology For Vaes Dothrak

Museum of Anthropology by architect Arthur Erickson

Museum of Anthropology by architect Arthur Erickson

Well as we al are much aware of the scenes we saw in the latest Game Of Thrones Trailer and a whole different Dothraki land is what we come across and a lot of the city and the structure and those big monuments have been taken as an inspiration from the actual structure of the Museum Of Anthropology, a premise of the University of British Columbia and an architectural work by a Canadian Architect Arthur Charles Erickson.

Ennis House For Meereen Palace

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House

Remember the palace of the Queen of Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen has been influenced by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, speaking about the inspiration to recreate a world of Meereen she said,

Game Of Thrones Meereen Palace

Meereen Palace

“I think Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mayan Revival period was a huge influence on Meereen and Daenerys’s world. The great thing about his work during this particular time is that these buildings have a certain domesticity to them, but they also felt sort of monolithic and ancient at the same time. There’s a sense they could be inside a pyramid. You understand that people could actually live there. That was key to us figuring out how to design Dany’s penthouse, for instance. How could it feel like it was inside a pyramid, so for reference the Hollyhock House and the Ennis House were chosen.”

Third Reich Architecture For Bank Of Bravos

New Reich Chancellery corridor by Albert Speer

New Reich Chancellery corridor by Albert Speer

Well for the Bank of Bravos, the showrunner wanted something that could give away the sense of both power and wealth and that’s how Albert Speer’s Third Reich Architecture came up as an inspiration to create the place,

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Bank Of Bravoss

Bank Of Bravoss

“There was one long corridor Speer did, and the general takeaway lesson from his work was scale. It was just absolute scale and a great sense of the psychology of space. That really fascinates me; it was an immediate manipulation right from the start. It was very well played, something that we tried to adopt. The great thing about these scenes in the Iron Bank is that you immediately understand who’s in control.”

Ghats of Varanasi For The House Of Black & White

Ghats of Varanasi, India

Ghats of Varanasi, India

Now the idea and the brief that was given to Riley was that when Arya Stark reaches the House of Faceless Man and also of the place known as for the Many-Faced God, precisely because of this she has to not know what’s inside the structure and thus the place itself also has to be like that, a place standing tall, huge and big with just a single door, but no windows,

Game Of Thrones 6 House Of Black and White

House Of Black and White

“I was looking at Varanasi on the bank of the Ganges, and how those buildings rise out of the water and that’s how the structure some were represented those structures I saw in Varanasi”.

Even though a lot of structures in the Game Of Thrones previously have been explored and shown, a few more such architectural monument would be seen in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 6, releasing this Sunday only on HBO Networks, do not miss the premier.

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