The Terrifying Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer 2 March Madness Defines the Upcoming Fear and Death in the Show.

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Well the show undoubtedly is making its way to everyone heart with every possible promotional activities that the makers and the channel HBO could come up with, as the latest season is due for its April 24th release and with that the 6th edition of Game Of Thrones is all set to bring together all the fresh episode with nothing that would be found in the book novel of George R. R. Martin, on which the show was so far based on. Well, this year as the show moved past Martins book series, both the tv and the book fans are clueless about what’s about to come in the upcoming Game Of Thrones 6 and that we guess is enough to hype up the show. But the moment when the fans and followers of the show think they have had enough out of the show, that’s when the makers make an attempt to introduce us a little bit more of what coming the next season, as this week they come up with another great and terrifying Gamer Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer 2 titled as “March Madness”

The latest teaser trailer March Madness showcases all the major character and how all of them this season are under some kind of threat and death is above every once fate and that nobody can escape it as the Game has just got nastier. We see Tyrion Lannister in Meereen, began making the statement that we have once heard off in the full-length season 6 trailers, saying that “You are in the great game now and the great game is terrifying”. Well it’s not that we aren’t aware of the kind of thing have been taking place since the show has begun and it has always been about killing each other for their own needs or to hide their sins but this time, it seem a bit different.

The trailer majorly speaks of death as the theme of this particular season, everyone speaking of death with their own interpretation of it in the trailer. Even high sparrow agrees to this though that every living soul on the Westeros land are all sinful as he makes the statement saying, “We are sinful creatures, we deserve death” and finally is Jaqen H’ghar according to whom the death is a gift and that it belong to almost everyone and standing in the House of Black and White recites the word to Arya saying that, “One way or the other, the gift will be given… One way or another, the face will be added to the hall”.

Now we are not very much sure though which characters faces are we actually going to seen in the Hall of Faces, which have been made pretty clear from the very first Game Of Thrones 6 Promo and official posters that the Hall of Faces this year could get occupy by anyone as, everyone this year in under the threat, only time will reveal that and that particular moment is none other than April 24th, 2016 when the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 goes on air.

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