The Game of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke is now the Sexiest Woman Alive 2015!

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Esquire has crowned Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of thrones as the sexiest of them all!

After a long and tiring search, Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen  on HBO’s fantasy blockbuster Game of Thrones, has been crowned as Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2015.

So as a matter of fact of all the women alive, the London born 28 year old beauty is the sexiest on the basis of Esquire’s extensive research. Since Penelope Cruz was named the sexiest woman of 2014, the Esquire team has been working tirelessly to find their face for this year, and they have finally found a new and perhaps even sexier woman this year. It is indeed amazing that of all the women on this planet of ours it just happens to be our very own dragon lady from TV.

Emilia Clarke

Indeed they looked everywhere high and low. They visited the beaches of Mozambique, hacked the jungles of Ecuador, entered the Forbidden City and helicoptered over Petra. They took some bumpy boat rides across the Faroe Islands, and scoured the narrow streets of Vilnius. They surveyed the Cape of Good Hope, with binoculars on their faces, launching a mad search for the sexiest woman on earth. They came across many contenders. Would the winner be the forlorn barmaid in Rotorua? Or would the winner be the red-haired hiker they spotted in Tierra del Fuego? Or would the winner be the gorgeous woman one of their correspondent spotted crying alone atop the CN Tower?

No, the queen of hearts would be Emilia Clarke, the princess of Meereen. Of all the lands they visited, while shaking in Land Cruisers across the Gobi, grimacing along Bhutan’s edges and the choppy Manas lake, while travelling through the snow outside Nuuk, they eventually chose a beauty from a place that is a mere fantasy. Does that mean that we prefer fantasy over reality? May be it really does. Of course Clarke is a very real person from a very genuine place but she is famous as a fake person from a fantasy land. All said and done it is hard to reason out what ultimately led Esquire to this monumental decision. Indeed there is a whole lot of science behind it, but we cannot overlook the human element, some sort of a slight or bias that has influenced this epic decision.

Even if you do not agree with the outcome, it would be foolish and immodest to question Esquire regarding this historical decision. For the simple fact that we have not resorted to the legwork, that they have. Which of us has done the rounds of the Nile, or bicycled across rainy Chongqing taking a photo of every woman passerby. Which of us has made a most wobbly aircraft descend on a remote Aleutian rock with a list of the island’s women clasped in one hand. Only Esquire has taken all this trouble and so we have to trust them.

As a matter of fact Emilia Clarke is currently the sexiest woman alive on our planet earth, out of all the other beautiful and sexy women trotting the globe. Watching Season 6 of game of thrones will be all the more exciting and there will be a definite increase in viewership to watch the reigning agile beauty.

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