The Finale Episode of Game Of Thrones 6 To be the Longest Episode in the Whole Series

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Today on HBO, the Third episode from season 6 “Oathbreaker” will be broadcast and with that the drama left in the middle of the scene in the previous episode will unfold and bring us to another exciting exposure to all the character and their storyline. the episode Oathbreaker also will be introducing some character, from which one would the debut character and another one comes back to season 6 after a gap of almost two seasons and a known face and name in the whole of Westeros and among the audience, but we have got something very important to bring your attention over on to, HBO now confirms the run time of Game Of Throne 6 Episode 10 as they Update it On their Official Website.

Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 10 Schedule

The previous week Game Of Thrones Schedule for whole of the season 6 was announce with every episode run time (Check out here) except for Episode 10 and it was yesterday evening when the finale episode of Game Of Thrones 6 was confirmed to be an episode of complete 69 minutes and no other episode has been that long so far. Which means Game Of Thrones S06E10 will be the longest episode in the whole of GOT Series. The last time any episode was about this long was the Finale episode of Season 4 “The Children”, which had a run time of about 66 minutes and was so far the longest episodes, but no more as we have run into season 6’s mega-narrative. This has got so many characters storylines to bring to a half bit of conclusion to the final episode and the end the season 6 with.

Also, Watch GOT Season 6 Episode 3 as it opens tonight with Oathbreaker only on HBO Networks and its streaming channel, sharp at 9 p.m. ET & 10 p.m. PT, don’t miss out on the drama unfolds tonight.

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