The Entire Game Of Thrones Season 6 Budget revealed to be worth more than $100 Million

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From the very opening of this epic fantasy, The Game Of Thrones series and its introduction on HBO Networks, people got something to see on television which was much compared as to what we have been watching on big screens, as the way the movie show. Game Of Thrones would stand strong next to any big budget film from the very start and it was the standard and the creation of the world of Westeros which created the value and affection among the people around the world. The show is one of the largest watched television shows in the world, which this year in 2016 on April 24th will begin to screen its 6th edition on the HBO Networks and the news confirmed by the Entertainment Weekly this week revealed the season upcoming season budget which is a hefty number of around $10 million per episode.

Game Of Thrones Season 6

Yes, that’s exactly what you just saw. The upcoming season single episodes production cost is $10 million, which precisely makes the whole Game Of Thrones Season 6 been made at the huge budget worth of $100 million, as each season is comprised of 10 episodes/season. Well now you know, the big sets you see, those ships, castles, military troops, war scene, the VFX work on those never seen location to make them look even more lavish and part of another world cost the makers of Game Of Thrones that sort of amount. Though nobody would complaint because, the amount of such money spent on show is worth and thus that’s the reason the show has been such popular all across the world.

Well that’s not all, the showrunner always had in mind create something of such spectacle and humongous, for which certainly they haven’t cared about money. Another such reports say that after the success of the season 1, the season 2 was made with the production cost of $6 million/episode, which back then was quite a lot of money and well this shows that the makers haven’t compromise on to enhances the shows value through its visual and experience.

Recently the show runner spoke about the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6 and how big and excellent the show is going to be, infact they elaborated it saying that season 6 would be the best season in the whole of series. One of the biggest war scenes yet has been shot for the upcoming season 6, do wait for show to go on air on April 24th, 2016 only on HBO Networks.

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