Spoiler Alert: Ramsey’s Letter To Jon Snow from GOT 6 Episode 4 “Book Of the Stranger” Revealed

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Episode 4 of Game Of Thrones 6 “Book Of The Stranger” came up as a unique episode yet in the season 6 and USP’s of the episode weren’t just one single event or the situation but were many such as, Jon Snow and Sansa Starks reunion, Tyrion’s decision raise protest against him, Jorah and Daario fighting sequence and the final mega sequence of Daenerys Targaryen in flame at the end of the episode were the highlights of the last Sunday show. But all of these sequences had some small moments which were again very much intriguing and spoke of the upcoming threat and different kind of difficulties about to rise in the life of characters scattered in the different place in Westeros, one of which was the moment when Jon receives a letter from the North by Ramsey Bolton.

Well so the makers of the episode and the show decided to give you people an insight to how these letter look like that been sent by one of the major house leaders to the one who is among one of the most superior leaders served as a Lord Commander of the Castle Black, as they released it through their official Making Game Of Thrones blog.

Spoiler Alert Ramsey’s Letter To Jon Snow from GOT 6 Episode 4 “Book Of the Stranger” Revealed

The writing itself says a lot about how dramatic it is, if you read is slowly the world soon will get you into some sort of rhythm and in no time, it will look like as if you are reading a poem. Well this particular letter is quite an important one and provokes Jon to take the responsibility to head towards the North to Winterfell to fight back to House Bolton as their recently discovered little brother’s life is at stake, that in the hand of someone who has mistreated, abused sexually, harassed and tortured the very sister who is now sitting in front of her. Also is Sansa Stark who has been trying to convince Jon to fight back for what has been there and to take it back. But now that Jon has got clear motive to actually hold onto as a warrior another major problem lies as for the people, soldier he has compared to House Bolton are lot less, but soon a decision to be taken is necessary and may be that we will be knowing how things are going to carry on ahead in the next episode “The Door”.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 is schedule for broadcast the coming Sunday at night on May 22, 2016, only on HBO Networks, do not miss out on the show as there is a war to come.

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