Questions That can be Answered in Game Of Thrones Season 6

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Source: HBO


Everyone is Exicted about Game of Thrones next season which will be going to releasing in April 2016. THe one of the Epic HBO TV Show which set a different day routine for al the loving fans of Game of Thrones.The Treaser had already made exictment in mind of all of us people had started Imagining about the turns and what can happen in the next Season or what possible aspects cantake place To explore all such facts and What others unanswered Questions can be answered in the very next season 6.

The biggest Question right now in everyones mind is about Jon Snow Death. The Scene had made every one to think about Will the will be a come back of jon snow or not and the suspense had made everyone to watch the next season soon. When each season end it left you with new Questions and mystery to think about.

  • If Jon Snow was Found Alive then how ?


When season 5 Ended the Jon Snow Scene created many records as it was oe of the most watched scene. If Jon Snow was found Alive then it will certainly revolve the minds. The Creator will have to deeply explain about that how all such thing take place.

  • Gendry Will be Ever Seen Again?


In the 3rd Season Robert Baratheon Made Gendry to sailed Away form drangonstone which made Grendy to be not seen again . May be Gendry will come due to some reason, Cause. Come Of Gendry is also a big question.

  • Will There Be More Violence Against Women?


The Sexual Voilence had recently created many questions to the creator as in Season 5 the rape scene with Sansa Stark. May be the next season will be less of voilenece and the scene will be bearable and affordable to Viewers

  • Will Arya Stay Blind?


  • When Does This Winter Stuff Happen?


This means hoe this time thw inter will arrive as we are entering the next season 6 so, Only time will asnwer the question.


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