Possibilities of Jon Snow’s Reoccurrence in Game Of Thrones Season Six

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The Game Of Thrones Season had a great run and came up as one of the most viewed season in its entire five years of span and it really was the fifth season which observed so many up and downs in the characters lives too and many situation changing at point where viewers and audience would even had expected any of such thing happening to them and that is what has kept on happening and the most shocking elements was when the show came to its humongous war like finale were we saw one of the most loved and appreciated character die, Jon Snow’s death really took away a lot of attention and thereby also shed a lot of hatred against the makers, the series original writer Mr. Martin and almost the whole show on social networking sites and the whole last episode except for the Jon Snow was neglected as people were crushed and couldn’t just believe that anything like losing Jon Snow could possible happen in the series and it was his characters who was the proud, brave, courageous and actually was an asset to its plot. But even after the show came to an end, people on social media didn’t really stopped and started to began speculating that he might just reappear in the next Game Of Thrones Season 6 by some means and so after analyzing a lot through the actual book on which the show is based on brought out a lot of speculation, theories and hint that might just bring Jon Snow back from dead.

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As the last episode of Game Of Thrones Season 5 “Mother’s Mercy” saw Jon Snow been killed by his black brother by stabbing him one after the other and finally bring him to die, well this is what the truth is but, but when we look at the shows format, anything is possible, people all around looking for a bloodshed do carry agendas and to bring those to plan and to undo things to what the situations were, there lots many in the series who could use their way to bring people back even from dead if necessary and also behind Jon’s Death lies some of these hints that might just make Jon Snow appear in the next season of GOT.

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Death

Being A Warg: Well for those who have been following the George R. R. Martin’s “A Song Of Ice and Fire” would precisely know that there this such thing as the Wargs the one who have got the ability to enter into the minds of the people and the history of show has many a times proved that too where the one who died possessing this skill of inhabiting others body to survive as a ghost and during Jon’s Death in the book, just before he dies all he says is “Ghost” and as for those who follows the series very close would have notices earlier with Varamyr Sixskins in a prologue notes that Jon is also one of those gifted once like Bran who possess the skill and the Stark’s direwolves could house Jon’s soul within him as Jon supposedly have got older connection to the Stark

Possibilities of Jon Snow’s Reoccurrence in Game Of Thrones Season Six

Jon’s Resurrection: Melisandre is one intriguing and spirited women who carries the ability to differentiate situation, turn table, either with the use of her powers or her body and as we saw during the episode “Sons of the Harpy” and in one of the scenes Melisandre seduces Jon as she could see a bit of worth in doing that and now that Stannis is dead there is nobody were she could stand next to and as for the Messiah is concerned if she do have any intention to do so would try to resurrect Jon to become her Messiah.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Mother’s Mercy

Either Dead or a possible White Walker: as we all very well known that the Night’s King see a lot of potential in John Snow which has been observed in the fifth season’s episode “Hardhome” and also we known that Lord of Light not only the one who possess powers to resurrect the dead once instead the same thing is also possessed by the Night’s King and for the benefit to build up a stronger army he might bring this to use to get Jon back in some other the other way.

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Well the speculations and there are lots many but as the book in its very initial stage speaks of dead remains dead but then the history of the series has been very mind boggling and anything possibly can happened but the one thing that remains the same is that a lot of drama is left to unfold in the next Game Of Thrones Season 6 which has already been renewed by the makers for the spring 2016 opening.


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    The good guys are near, weren’t you listening?More than the snow, the Bentley’s gientinlsg,A very odd sight, but they’ll save us tonight,While fighting in this winter wonderland!The car stops, they leap out,And because, without a doubt,They’ll save the world today, and you’d better say,”Thanks for helping in this winter wonderland!”In the meadow they’ll stop Batu,The Faceless Ones still might come through,Even so, they’ll be forced to go,Because the Sceptre tells them to!Later on, villains will conspire,But they’ll be stopped, and attacked with fire,The world has been saved, though the danger was grave,Fighting in that winter wonderland!!! We wish you a merry Christmas,We wish you a merry Christmas,We wish you a merry Christmas,And a Skulduggery-filled new year!Good luck to Skulduggery,And his patner Val,They’ll save the world,And your happy new year!I’ll be on later… Bye!

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