Photo Update: Game Of Thrones 603 Is Out With 6 More Picture From Oathbreaker

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The Next episode of Game Of Thrones 6 has been entitled as “Oathbreaker” and the moment when it came out in public, a lot of speculation were drawn around the episodes title as being similar to that of an episode title in Season 4Oathkeeper”, the episode which featured Brienne of Tarth leaving Kings Landing in search of the Stark Girls and when Jaime Lannister provides her a sword and an armor, to which she name her new sword as Oathkeeper. Well in the upcoming Sunday episode it would be quite interesting to see what does the title actually represent, who is the Oathbreaker among the character in the series. Well, the above talk certainly was about the title but the main reason to come up with this post is to bring you people with a new update, similar to the release of the picture that took place yesterday at the show. Additional to those images, the show today have released 6 more pictures, here they are.

Here well the last pictures we saw of Tyrion Lannister were quite similar and this edition of these pictures brings some more from Meereen. Tyrion Lannister, this time, discussing to maybe to his councilman’s, Missandei, Grey worm and Varys.

Game Of Thrones 603- Tyrion Lannister

Next up is all three of them in the discussion space but without Varys, we hope he is still out there trying to find out the questions that remain pending from the last discussion Both Varys and Tyrion had and the answers they have been looking for.

Game Of Thrones 603- Tyrion Lannister, Grey Worm, Missandei

We think something is not so ok, in fact, this intense picture between Missandei and Grey Worm were the eyes seems to expect for some kind of explanation or just another revelation from the introvert Grey Worm.

Game Of Thrones 603- Grey Worm, Missandei

Well here is another picture of Grey Worm, nothing especially just a profile picture of his in this magnificent soft greenish-yellow light spread all across the ambience.

Game Of Thrones 603- Grey Worm

This image brings us back to Kings Landing and passes the every another picture bringing Cersei Lannister, we see her getting more strong and powerful as she stands next to the personal armoured guard “The Mountain” and his brother/lover Jaime Lannister.

Game Of Thrones 603 Cersei Lannister and Mountain

I Things this images inclusive of all three, Jaime leading Cersei along with Mountain backing them as a guard to the council courtroom.

Game Of Thrones 603- Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister and Mountain

Now why courtroom is because we next come across none other than Kevin Lannister, the present Hand of the King who finally gets confronted by Cersei Lannister in season 6 and we think maybe it’s this scene we have come across in the trailer where Cersei Lannister speak her tough words, “If someone is planning to make our losses their gains, I want to hear it.”

Game Of Thrones 603- Kevin Lannister

Finally, we bring you guys the final picture from Game Of Thrones S06E03 Oathbreaker of another new Dothraki Character, a debut on the show “Staz Nair” who will play “Qhono”.

Game Of Thrones 603- Qhono

Stay tuned for the upcoming and Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Oathbreaker, releases this Sunday on May 8th, do watch it at 9 p.m. ET only on HBO Networks.

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