Parrot Analytics Study: Game of Throne is More Desired than Netflix

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Source: ParrotAnalytics

A Well Known Entertainment Webiste Parrort Made an Analysis on Settling Of Netflix and The HBO. As Both Game of Thrones and Netfilx are big Competitors of each. 1 month Ago Netfilx Declare that one of there Show is Watched mor than the Show Game Of Thrones onthe Otherhand they Declined to State which one. Parrot Analytics made the Studies on the NetFlix and The Game of Thrones to know how much Traffic and Hold they both have in terms of Fans and being watched. The Studies Reports State that Game of Thrones has More Fan following Despite of the Time in Release on its next Season. Game of Thrones had more Popularity than Netflix Shows.

The Reports didn’t Mentioned how much People are actually watching these Shows it was focused on how many people are intrested to watch Game of Thrones or NetFlix and how much talks Going around both of them. There are 53 Countries which were found intrested for Game of Thrones and 39 Countries for NexFlix.



There Are 14 Countries Where Nextflix is Highly Demanded and Being Watched Have A Look!!

Both have a Good fans Following weather we Talk about Jessica Jones or Game of Thrones both have a Gaint following.

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