• Creators of Game of Thrones defend themselves

    D.B.Weiss and Dan Benioff have been facing a lot of criticism for their portrayal of extravagant scenes in season 5 of the “Game of Thrones”. The fifth season of the HBO show has made history at the 67th annual Emmy Awards despite all this flak, when it became the first sci-fi or fantasy show ever to win Best Drama and its 12 award

  • Game of Thrones manages to pocket majority of the Emmy Awards 2015

    In Los Angeles this year 20th September turned out to be the best birthday for novelist George R.R. Martin as "Game of Thrones" based on his bestselling novels bagged the most prestigious awards  at the 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, out of its 24 nominations. The show is a fictional story dramatically woven around two families vying for a throne, an

  • Game Of Thrones Now Holds a Position In The Book of Guinness World Record 2016

    The year 2015 is surely a surprising and big deal year for all the cast, crew, the makers, writers and producer and the HBO Network off course firstly for a great and the most dramatic season in all five years of its run period and the best season so far from the whole series, the year started off with Season 5’s first four episodes being leake

  • Exclusive Game Of Thrones Season 6 Predictions & Spoilers That You Would Not Want to Miss

    To start off with we all know that the ongoing HBO series Game Of Thrones has always been a major topic of conversation, after the is done with its season and again the hype for the next season to roll has already got in with the excitement of when the show would again get on television and during this whole time, lot of theories, specula

  • Game Of Thrones: The Dead Once Rise Again In Season 6

    Each year the show Game Of Thrones has came to close with some of the knots being released and lefts bringing it to some unbelievable conclusions and this year as the season 5 came to close, the final episode to the season gave some of the shocking scenarios that one would have just not imaging to be happened as people saw a lot of drama, chaos,

  • Game Of Thrones Season 5 made It At The Emmy Awards With 24 Nominations

    Emmy Awards has is one of the most prestigious awards for the television celebs as it brings the most talented entities ahead to appreciate their work in television series in variety of categories and on Thursday as the nomination for the Emmy Awards 2015 came out, it was Game Of Thrones this year which is leading the number with 24 Nomination co

  • Possibilities of Jon Snow’s Reoccurrence in Game Of Thrones Season Six

    The Game Of Thrones Season had a great run and came up as one of the most viewed season in its entire five years of span and it really was the fifth season which observed so many up and downs in the characters lives too and many situation changing at point where viewers and audience would even had expected any of suc

  • Emilia Clarke Bring Hope For Fans About Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale Mishap

    It was not very often but certainly were painful for the fans to digest the mishap of watching the most loved character die mid way as the series would still be continued and there by a lot of through, theories and prediction are coming up as the viewers look for some hope that atleast something would actually hint o

  • Epic Tale Of Game Of Thrones : Series Summery and Guide

    Never in the history of television every seen a show like Game Of Thrones, as it tells a very important and epic tale from this mythical world of Westeros brought out to the television world from a fictional fantasy novel series A Song Of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin’s titled as the Game of Thrones and would