Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks about Jaime and High Sparrow Face-off in the upcoming Episode of GOT 6

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The finale of season 5 of Game Of Thrones certainly had left us all quite stunned at the moment that occurred, in the north, at the castle black, Meereen and specially in Kings Landing with what we saw happen with Cersei Lannister, for the sins she had committed, and the episode 1 of Game Of Thrones 6 opened with great excitement to come across all of these moments getting buildup into every character’s story taking different path in the ongoing season 6. So to talk about the last Sundays premiering Episode “The Red Woman”, Entertainment Weekly got along with a radio chat, an interview conducted with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who talked about his characters Jaime Lannister in the ongoing season and where his story is headed too.

Game Of Thrones 602 Jaime Lannister and Cersei lannister

In the opening Game Of Thrones 6 Episode 1 The Red Woman, we were thrilled to see the drama to get unfold at the Kings Landing, after Cersei Lannister would come across her daughter Myrcella’s death, and though that this would provoke into an epic scene between Jaime Lannister, who was supposed to bring her back home to her mother safely from Dorne, but is brought her corpse to her mother. But unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any of these, though it indeed made Cersei Lannister get deprive even more to remember about, everything one been told to her and is happening exactly like that. So on this whole scenario Nikolaj shedding some light, bring in his thought over how things are going to get grimmer and intense in the further episodes,

“When someone you love is in pain, you want to do anything to comfort them. And he kind of goes to that moment of saying, ‘Listen, it’s you and me against the world. We can do this. We’re going to fight back. We’re going to take revenge.’ Because he’s never seen her this broken before. And now he wants her back. But, of course, he has no idea what’s happened at King’s Landing before, as we find out the whole power dynamic has changed. You have the religious uprising. It’s a tricky situation.”

On the present inner conflict between the two lover and sibling, Nikolaj went on explaining how things were not much in his favor and that, this humiliation of Cersei had brought great pain to him and that now he is burning with rage from inside and thus is important that he does everything to get her back the way she was with her earlier,

“She hasn’t been happy with him for a long time. I think, actually, since he came back with no right hand, she kind of lost a bit of interest in him. And I think now she needs him. And I think he is, for now, happy to step up. But she’s not an easy lady to deal with.”

The radio chat went on with a lots many other interesting question and answers and ultimately explained his role-play in the present season 6 to more depth, to get hold to the whole interview, head on this the Entertainment Weekly Interview here and do not forget to watch Game Of Thrones S06E02 Home, this Sunday on May 1st, at 9 p.m. ET & 10 p.m. PT only on HBO Networks.

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