Neil Nitin Mukesh Might be part of the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Ensemble Cast of Westeros

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Everybody is very much aware about this huge cast that Game Of Thrones Series has got lined up in their magnum opus, high budgeted and wide-spread world of Westeros. And with each year as the series get more n more interesting and establishes through in its story telling, the more audiences gets to explore out of the show. And majorly these elements are either the new location or hidden lands from the show or the news character that would appear in the show to take control of situation and add in more of their own characteristic to peel out the worst happening, turning the ongoing plot more and more intense and dramatic. And after the last seasons successful run and appreciation, a lot of news faces would be seen in the upcoming next year game of thrones season 6.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Might have an Indian Actor, Neil Nitin Mukesh part of the world of Westeros

The latest news this time related to the cast is that, though the makers have focused on to a perfect cast to have been part of the series and getting them on to the show, they also do spend a lot of time n effort, n mostly all of these cast are either American, British or from the different parts from Europe, but this time the focus has shifted a little bit into the east as the recent news take of a new entry into the show could be an Indian actor, part of the Bollywood film industry, is Neil Nitin Mukesh, who is famously known for few of his films, such as Johnny Gaddar, New york etc. has been suggested to play a role in Game of Thrones upcoming season 6.

Right now being part of the crew n filming for his film PRDP, starring Salman Khan in lead came along to work with Greg Powell, action director for films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fast and Furious 6 and Harry Potter series, who is also presently the action director for Game Of Thrones, got impressed with actor skill while performing for the action sequences, and acting in a role carrying a background of a royal family. He approached Neil for a lit conversation and during the time slipped into the idea of working in Game Of Thrones and offered a role.

In an interview with Neil he said, “I personally am a great fan of GOT and would really be vary please to work in the series, and I have been in talk with the makers, but things are not yet conformed and that my global agency is figuring things out”. This could be an interesting casting for the show as, firstly he would be the first actor in the show coming from India and talking of his actual acting abilities, actors coming from the India and doing western show have already proved of how ecstatic and impactful they could be on screens in west, like the 24 series Indian actor, Anil Kapoor and Quantico lead actress Priyanka Chopra, who are one of the bigger stars in India, making big in west.

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