Natalie Dormer Giving Some Hints & Clues About Margaery Tyrell Upcoming Story

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Natalie Dormer Can is going to be seen in the Game of Thrones Season 6 she will be playing the role of Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. In the recent Interviews she had made many hints about her Upcoming Character in the nect season and according to the interview hints we can expect she is going to be starred in season 6. She said in the interview that she personally love the Game of Thrones Seasons and she love to watch the season every year.She had many fun with Sophie Tuner and Lena Headey and she can probably have a new partner. She Basically didnt exposed anything in detail about the new partner but probably made some idea about the upcoming Role.

In the last Season of 5 Margaery was defending her brother she was Kept in Prision by Sparrow as she encounted to save his brother. The Season 6 will continue to make Margaery to get a way out of the Prision Cell to get out of the big Barriers which will go quite intresting and fruitfull for the viewers of Game of Thrones.






The People are so much indeed and grateful to know small small hints about the upcoming seasons get investiagted through these small hints and leagues. The Some of the New Character were aded in Season 6 like Greyjoy Clan and Samwell Tarly’s Family and may be Kit Harington can also seen Starring in the Show.


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