Maisie Williams Admire Her Stunt Double For Game Of Thrones Season 6 Action Sequences

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The upcoming season 6 of Game Of Thrones have had character changed totally and as they move further we would see a completely different approach to these character, even the show has been developed extensively and got every more bigger, huge, more intense and dramatic then before, a bit of season 6 glimpses can be noticed in the recent trailer, especially the second trailer which got air this very week and the one person we were quite impress of was Maisie Williams character Arya Stark and her action sequence by the end of the trailer.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Arya Stark Action Sequences

In the whole of the trailer we see Arya in a fight inside the House of Black and White quite some time, but that flip-up by the end of the trailer while fighting to a lady  is just ecstatic and recently in an interview with the TVline, she talked about her earlier experience of having being done the action sequence with the stunt double she got and how it’s very important to have a balance with your own characters appearance and the stunt double, “I’ve had stunt doubles before where — they were lovely girls — but they didn’t look like me. I didn’t buy it. Like, I don’t look at you from behind and think that you look like me. And that means the audience is gonna be the same. They’re gonna be like, ‘That’s not Arya!’ And instead of watching a fight scene like, ‘Oh my gosh girl, get up! Get up!,’ you’re going to be going, ‘That wasn’t even Maisie!’”

But this time Maisie William was quite pleased with her action sequences, the way they were designed and performed in the upcoming season, as one just cannot indentify weather its Arya herself or the stunt double that is performing the stunt, also impressed with the stunt double which actually embodies their characters.

They were so great, and they were absolute troopers. They were so fit and incredible and made us look really, really good at fighting. Faye and I were pretty good at fighting, as well, but they were much better than us.

To look at her stunt sequence, catch her in action with her sword, here is the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer and for more news and update for the upcoming season 6 stay tune to us, GOT 6 releasing next weekend on April 24th only on HBO Networks at 9 p.m. ET & 10 p.m. PT.

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