Liam Cunningham Teases Game Of Thrones Season 6 To Have Many Death & About his Role This Year

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Recently when the Official Game Of Thrones 6 full length trailer “Red Band” came out a lot of questions were answered about the fate and role play of the characters, or I should say we kind of got an hint to what they are upto in the upcoming season. Well the one character we still have hope for and was shown in the opening frames of the trailer focused on Jon Snow as to let us believe that he really is gone, well may be. Till the moment the show doesn’t open we will be assuming it as “may be”, the important point is that the whole time, the only person who was around him was Liam Cunningham and his presence around him does have a greater motive this year and when finally he came in to interview with The Wall Street Journal & TVLine a lot of important questions were asked and most of them were answered quite smartly, but more than the spoiler he lead us to the understanding of how the season 6 is going to be.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Liam Cunningham News

In the interviews he talks about his role play this year, about the equation of him with Melisandre and finally Jon Snow and the answers really give us a lot of material to gear up for the upcoming season 6. During the interview with The Wall Street Journal he talked about the grand things to take place in the upcoming season and the part off it would be observed in the very first episode of it, Listen, there are going to be many such scenes, and they’re from the get-go, I personally guarantee it. You’re going to have at least one rather very large one in [episode] 1, but that’s all I’m going to tell you. Well may be its that moment where had to pick up Jon Snow’s sword and fight to the people of Knight Watch and that is the connecting point we assume with Jon Snow, still unsure about weather that has to do anything with his resurrection or no but certainly it precisely is Jon because of which the two opposite personalities, Davos & Melisandre have been bought together. Well the reason of them coming together got a bit cleared during the questioned at the interview with the TVLine…

First of all, Davos and Melisandre are very strange bedfellows, as they say, but this time they are in a very weird kind of situation. For such two people who have disliked each other, now they’re both bought in the same boat. We both have lost Stannis. We both have lost our reason for being in the show. Also, both of us have found ourselves leaning towards Jon Snow. She has seen something in the flames about this dude. I have known, during the talks with Stannis to Jon, that this guy is a real deal. He’s a good guy. He has got this leadership quality, and is heroic and charismatic according to Davos. Hence he definitely is drawn to him. Davos isn’t a leader.

You see, it is them who are bought together due to certain consciences and that is Jon Snow’s death. Though he explained quite a lot as to why both Melisandre and Davos are together. Further as he went on to talk he speaks about how big the show this year is going to be, which there weren’t able to execute in these last 5 year, yet there are going to be scene which would be enormous, “size-wise, its incredibly cinematic.” Also according to him the show different the all the previous year and specially the 5th season as he elaborates and says,

there’s a certain kind of bizarre new philosophy to what they have done this time. It’s a bit different this season. There’s some very diverse stuff going to take place and also quite a few new people. With that few of them will also be going this year — as there is every year, to be fair. I’m not speaking out of shop about the thing I am sharing. But I was astonished by the numbers…Well this is one of the things that makes the show so intriguing and interesting at the same time. But above all the biggest fact is that nobody’s safe this season. Anybody can go at any moment.

Well no certainty as to who could be caught in to the trap and in case of the kind of a show Game OF Thrones, could prepare his own trap and fall into it, only time would tell as the show opens on April 24th, 2016 only on HBO Networks.

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