“Kings and Prophets” new Bible of ABC Hopes Same Response as Game of Thrones

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Source: Winteriscoming

Hundereds of Stories, Rumors Going Before the Game of Thrones which is building a lot suspense in each fans minds due to all this the show is geeting a good pubilicity as now a days many shows are comparing them selves with Game of Thones. Sometimes there Comparison becomes vaild and sometimes it is just wait of time. The Launching of new Nible Kings of Prophet now as days comparing and hoping to stand ahead of Game of Thrones as ABC is working hard on script and story.

A Interview was with Game of Thrines As they were asked that how many Crew members they had according to them they have same amounts of Crew members as Game of ThronesChis Brancato Was Asked about the show and what they views can keeo the hope with the show for which Chris replied

“It’s suspenseful. It’s extraordinarily violent. It’s sexual. And it’s a power struggle between two men. We don’t view this as a revisionist history nor do we view it as a literal translation. We’ve sought to make the show modern…This is a non-dragon version of Game of Thrones.”

Televison Critics Association (TCA) published about the omments made by the producer of Kings of Prophets according to that the Book of that they are collectively working on two Samuel books that are Old Testament which will discover the journey of the King David, The producer of the show is Reza Aslan who said about the show that “He’s the world’s first rock star. This is a man whose songs that he wrote 3000 years ago, we are still singing today. He’s called ‘messiah’ in the Bible. His blood courses through the veins of Jesus Christ. And yet — and I think this is what makes him so fascinating — he’s deeply flawed. He’s vain. He’s vengeful. He’s lustful.”

The story is somewhat about the ancient one which is co-relating to that of Game of Thrones in someway and there will be many Sexual scenes too.


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