Jon Snow is Back in the Official Poster of Game Of Thrones Season 6

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What can be the most exciting news related to the Game Of Thrones Series after their last season ended up with some worst moment, bring an end to some of the notable characters from the show. But from all those twisting and surprising moment, the one scenario which steel the shows limelight and became the much talked about and hyped topic everywhere on the social media by the followers n fans of the show was Jon Snow’s death which took place in the very last episode by his very own Night’s Watch Brothers, who stabbed him one by one and ultimately putting him to death with eyes wide open on the snowy grounds and this was fifth seasons most shocking scenario we came across.

Jon Snow is Back in the Official Poster of Game Of Thrones Season 6

Now because Kit Harrington’s character Jon Snow’s popularity has gone to a whole different level and maintained that standard from last three season, he becomes a very important character the Game Of Thrones universe and as he came to a position in the series where he could come up as one of the influential person, who’s parentage being still a mystery and has yet to be discovered and many other element connected to him which are yet to be explored in the show and before all that he would die is just can’t be done, nobody in reality believed and fans just didn’t took the in real and had hopes that somehow he would return to life and after earlier been spotted on one of the sets of Game Of Thrones, that in a proper costumes, people could actual see his feature of being alive on the show, and everyone around were just hoping for a clear sign that he would be alive and may be the makers too wanted to create some sort of hype for his story on 23, November, 2015, the makers and HBO officially bought out the very first promotional poster of the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6 alongside mentioning the month the shoe would defiantly be release.


In the picture is every once favorite Jon Snow in a rugged, messy look, little dark for may be depicting about where he comes from and the last seen moment which in actual was pretty nasty and dark. Next is him looking down with no clear picture of his eyes but a stain of blood coming out from his one eye and a little below in the picture is the HBO logo with the “April” being mentioned on it for the releasing month.

Well now at least most of the fans would have a clear idea about when the show is going to be air and would not have to wait till the month of May, because the Game Of Thrones Season 6 Air Date was quite dubious as for when it would be aired. Now that this latest Game Of Thrones 6 Posters released bring two things to a clarity, first the official releasing month and then the major yet the most exciting news about Jon is definitely coming to life in some or the other way, and the fan theories of Melisandre could be the reason for Jon’s resurrection now seems to get quite convincing as this defiantly would take place and whole new chapter is going to get unleash when GOT 6 arrives on HBO in April.

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