Jaime Lannister is not worried about…

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Game of Thrones is surely a hugely popular TV series all round the world. It is one of the most seen TV series of HBO. It is immensely popular due to its interesting plots, fighting sequences, action, brutality, violence and so many such things which make it worth watching. It has so many characters which are hugely popular and liked by people. One such character is Jaime Lannister who is very well depicted on-screen by Nikolaj-Coster Waldau, a magnificent warrior, an intense lover, and what not. He is amongst the most powerful and important characters of Game of Thrones. But what is the thing he is not worried about?

Nikolaj was speaking to Red Bulletin when he revealed that he does not worry about the character Jaime Lannister dies or lives but he is really curious about where the writers are taking the story. He is also seen talking about his alcoholic father and how was his childhood in Denmark. Nikolaj also told that he has been taught to have low expectations which surely helps him in dealing with the impact the fantasy programme has had all over the globe. Nikolaj also said that,” if how successful the show is had any effect on the way I feel about myself, I’d have been in a mental institution years ago. That’s not why I do what I do. Plus, Danes don’t tolerate show-off.” He told Red Bulletin about how his father was an alcoholic and still he would like to play cards with him. He also said,” But I had a great mother, even if we did sometimes get visits from the police. She occasionally used to get carried away and would buy presents for my two sisters and me that, sadly, she couldn’t afford.”

So this is all Nikolaj told the Red Bulletin and we must admit that his life was surely a bed of thorns but now he must be happy with the success he achieved with the Game of Thrones and we wish you more luck as Game of Thrones Season 6 is going to be premiered on 24th April at 9pm on HBO. It is surely going to be a big hit as it is more brutal and violent than the earlier seasons. For latest updates, stay tuned.

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