“It’s a massive season for Jon,” Says Kit Harington about his character Jon Snow

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The Game Of Thrones 6, last weekend episode “Home”, gave all the fans and viewers a really moving and pleasing surprise, as Jon snow by the end of the episode came to live. Resurrected by our Red Priestess Melisandre, the show promises us that we are not done with Jon Snow yet and that he has got a whole season 6 on his way to give us more storyline of the Lord Commander. Also as this happened on the show, Jon Snow enacting actor “Kit Harington” speaking with Entertainment Weekly in an interview, talks about the secret life of Jon Snow’s death and what’s more in store in Season 6 for Jon Snow, in the next set of episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker”.

To pull up such a long-term publicity of Jon Snow to show him dead, actually have got a lot of interesting facts, which the show along with the actor himself and the channel has successfully made it happened. The producers Benioff & Weiss made it clear to Kit that he would have to convince his costars and crew members that he would be leaving the show after Season 5. This took a whole different drama not just among the viewers, but also among the cast members, as it was quite difficult to make them believe first, but among all Ser Davos Seaworth when learnt this from Kit Harington all he said was this, “to f**k off from the start”. Sophie Turner was one who getting convinced about this wrote a long letter addressing to Kit Harington about his Character and how she felt about working with him, “Sophie Turner, bless her, wrote me a really long letter about how much she loved working with me – and I still got it,” says Harington.

Well according to the cover story by Entertainment Weekly, it says that for this particular publicity to go right everything’s related to Jon Snow, for which while shooting season 6 they had to keep his identity secret and thus he had a code name, which would be called out as LC, which means the Lord Commander. Elaborating about this he states, “No one was allowed to say ‘Jon Snow’ on set, ever, everyone had to refer to me as ‘LC.” The interesting part about this whole time of keeping is the presence on the show secret was that “Kit Harington spent more days working on Thrones last year of than any other actor,” according to Entertainment Weekly. When asked about his part in the rest of show he described it saying, “It’s a massive season for Jon, actually It’s his biggest season for him so far.”

We already are excited for what we saw in the previous episode and the upcoming Game Of Thrones s06e03 Trailer Oathbreaker, give us a real nerve-racking chill over Jon Snow’s scene in the beginning of the preview trailer. GOT 6 Episode 3 is scheduled to showcase on May 8 the coming weekend on HBO.

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