Is BBC America’s The Last Kingdom designed on the lines of Game of Thrones?

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Game of Thrones is indeed a trendsetter that has inspired other networks to deal with epic tales in the medieval or quasi-medieval settings. The Bastard Executioner is presently bringing the Game of Thrones’ brand of grim violence to FX; the epic poem Beowulf has been adapted by the Esquire Network; and it has been reported that a producer of Game of Thrones is already working on a novel fantasy series named The Perished Land. BBC America has also caught the pulse of the viewers and have taken up the production of an epic series named The Last Kingdom, a series that will portray the Viking invasion of England during the 9th century AD.

Gareth Neame former BBC American EP cautioned critics against comparing the two shows and joked that they had no dragons; however the comparison seems inevitable with the show’s opening titles using panoramic shots of maps.

The Last Kingdom

Does Uhtred from the new series resemble Jon Snow in the hot favorite Game of thrones in more ways than one!

The Last Kingdom is majorly based on The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell since 2004, who until the fever of Game of Thrones set in did not seem to be a lucrative prospect for producers. The story revolves around the attempts made by King Alfred of Wessex to restore peace among the warring kingdoms of medieval Britain and indulge in defending themselves against invaders.

Nevertheless, The Last Kingdom will hit the screens on the 10th of October, and we hope BBC America enjoys is not disappointed in the viewership analytics and enjoys a special place in the hearts and minds of the audience the world over. History has it that trending topics have done well under several different banners and The Last Kingdom has no reason to be an exception!

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