Hopefully Sean Bean will return for Season 6 of Game of Thrones

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Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark in the immensely popular series Game of Thrones on HBO has left an everlasting impact on the viewer’s minds post his death a few years ago in Season 1 of the show. It was a very shocking moment for all the viewers and the entire Westeros was engulfed in grief. While Eddard’s death could be said to be as definitive as ever, there has always been speculation on whether he would be brought back into the show in some form or the other.

Eddard Stark

Speculation was at its peak in the beginning of this year when news leaked that a 13-year old actor Sebastian Croft had been roped in for being cast as a younger version of Eddard Stark, for flashback scenes of his past life and to quench everyone’s anxiety the mystery revolving around Jon Snow’s mother may be actually finally resolved! The possibility of Sean Bean being back to star in the flashbacks that would solve many queries that viewers have, cannot be denied.

On being approached the actor does not reveal much and is obviously advised against disclosing the surprise package that Season 6 would bring the viewers. All said and done Game of Thrones is a show filled with twists and turns and surprise returns, and there is ample reason to think that Eddard Stark would make a grand comeback in Season 6 to add spice to the already hot and happening serial.

For now all we can do is hope and wait to see the handsome hunk back on screen making a powerful impact as always and providing nothing but pure entertainment!

There are also rumors of The Tower of Joy being re- featured in the show and this just adds to the possibility of Ned Stark returning without whom the scene would be incomplete.

Whatever may be the outcome, Season 6 promises a roller coaster ride to the viewers drowning them in pure ecstasy!

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