HBO Unveils Three New Game Of Thrones 6 Scene From the Upcoming Episode

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As we come close to the day where the curtains will lift up and the HBO Networks stage will set to premiere its six seasons in all its exceptional ultimate episode 1 “The Red Women”, the makers and the Channel, each day make sure they surprise the audience with something that has the power to grab the attention of the fans and excite them to crave for each day to get the show started right away. With their recent special premier of the first episode held in LA only for the cast and crew with some of the luck fans, where they even got to see some of the extra scenes from the upcoming season and the trailer 2 which released today, the channel ain’t taking break as now they also released three new scenes from the upcoming season consisting of few of the characters and how their story unfolds in the initial episodes.

First up is this conversational scene that features Jaime Lannister and Sister Cersei Lannister. It is this moment when Cersei is damn dreadful about their daughters (Myrcella Baratheon) death, but in connection with the outrage and pain that she store for her in herself, she speaks up about their mother who we think in an entire series hasn’t been bought out much to such depth.

Next up is Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy aka Reek. Well, this particular clip bring the story of both of them taking a leap like we saw last in the previous season from the rampart, has been continued from where it was left. Both of them being bought into this heavy backdrop of frozen landscape, as both of them run, approaching the river, the dogs pursue, the threat grows as they reach the riverbank.

Finally is this scene of Daenerys Targaryen which has been part of last two long trailers, but is an extended one. Daenerys the captor of the Dothrak is been brought to the Vaes Dothrak in Essos, it’s this the Dothraki Kingdom which has been showcased far more huge and enormous then from what we saw in the season 1. Also finally we see the person in front of whom she has been bought and it’s none other than the present Dothraki leader Khal Jhaqo.

All of the three are quite based on situations and does not reveal any such great lead to what about to happened in the initial episode, though the first two scene are part of Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 & and the third scene is from the Episode 3.

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