HBO CEO Talked about The Winds of Winter delay & Marketing strategy of Game of Thrones Season 6

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Source : Winteriscomming

As the Announcement date of Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere No Furthur news had been leaked out. Although 100’s of News a published a day which are just rumours, Or Expections but we didn’t get to know anyother new information about the show. The show has a tremendous response and a long waiting by the fans will come to end on 24 th April Seeing this the HBO President Michael Lombardo is planning for Negotiation for the till 8 Eight Season of The Show as it will definately a profitable news for the Network itself.


The release of the Winds of Winter will be late means after the Sixth season only as it is also confirmed by the HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler as well. The Jon Snow Scene acted as a big Element for Season 6 Promotion.

Richard Plepler Dosen’t think so that the delay of Winds of Winter will effect the Approach of the Show:

“I always knew that given the relationship that David and Dan had with George and the closeness and respect that they have for each other that if they overtook the books or not, there would be a synchronic and organic conversation going on between them. That they would never do anything that would violate George’s sense of the integrity of the story and I think that’s absolutely true. Their relationship is such a wonderful thing to observe, the mutual respect that they have for each other that I know George would say, ‘I trust these guys moving this arc forward.”

Richard said that the launch of the book wont’t effct the show. The show Must Go ON

“I would only say that that’s going to be up to David and Dan to determine where they take the story in concert with George, but everyone is very excited about the continuum. I think when you see even the first episodes of the new season, you’ll see how much life and dynamism there is in this story.”

The effect can be see on 24 April only.

# According to Season 5 Records Jon Snow is Dead then Why Season 6 Marketing is doing through Jon Snow Poster’s & SHorts of him In Teasers

The Question was raised to Richard for that he made a reply that its all about Promotion and keep us in the Topic

“I give all the credit to our marketing team. Basically of course [we’re] always looking to remind the audience of how exciting and dynamic the programming is and I think that they felt correctly that this was a great titillation for the new season and it certainly is proven so as you see by the social traffic by the social traffic on that.”

But if promotion is going then we cant surely say that the jon Snow is dead there shall be some Mystery or suspense may be Jon Snow is alive. So, its all about waiting and keeping Patient

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