GOT Season 6 Anatomy of A Scene Brings The Cave Battle Making from “The Door”

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With Game Of Thrones Season 6, a lot of things has changed, we have been looking at a bigger, more huge, poignant and stunning storyline in hand and that take the production as well to a level that improves the visual experience of the show for the viewers. Now what bring their efforts ahead of us are these footages breakdown of the on-location production of the show, bringing together they come up with a behind the scene videos and the experience of it has been equally satisfying as the episode itself. Each year Game Of Thrones from past two season the makers have been very grateful to bring the audience that particular seasons making of the footage, titled as Anatomy Of A Scene and for season 6 again Game of Thrones has made an effort to bring you this Anatomy Of A Scene: The Cave Battle making video from the Episode 5 “The Door”.

Game Of Thrones 6 Making of Episode 1 & 2

Well the whole idea behind bringing these footages and choosing which part of the on-location production would fit for the Anatomy of a Scene itself has got a process and choose one such in production/on location/ shooting process of that particular scene that took a great creative labor, hard work and also hard time in the creation of that particular scene or a sequence that stood out from all the other production. Previously Game Of Thrones gave us the making footage of Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding from season 4 and next was the humongous, difficult and mega sequence of the battle of Hardhome from season 5 and as Game Of Thrones 6 has reached in-between the season the makers chooses the best in production sequence from season 6 which was the last Sunday episode’s end, The Cave Battle.

Check it out here as they give you people an insight from the season most stunning but the most difficult sequence in creating sets for the tunnels, makeup, props, costumed, VFX and more:

Well this is the making video of the best production sequence from whole of season 6, similarly for this year the show has also been initiated to provide people how each of the episodes have been made though The Game Revealed: A Five-Part Docudrama Series which for have brought two episode, which includes the Making of Episode 1 & 2 and the Making of Episode 3 & 4, which you’ll can check it out by clicking on the episode.

The Game Revealed Episode 3 will be out soon after Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 gets to broadcast the coming Sunday on HBO Networks on May 29, 2016.

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