George R. R. Martins Gets Apologies from “The Walking Dead” Creator for His Remark

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The only reason Game Of Thrones by HBO today is one of the most popular and successful show presently running on the television is because it has got a very unusual world, where anything could go wrong and anything thing ultimate could take place and that world has been created by none other than George R. R. Martins through his novel series “Song Of Ice and Fire” and in 2011 the show’s Producer/Creator/Writer adapted Martins book series to the small screens and that is how we happen to now reach the 6th season of the show, but earlier this week another popular show creator The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman made a comment, actually criticized Martins for letting the producers have a kind of the show handle his story as they happen to create big thing and moving ahead of him and the apology came to be covered by the

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So in an interview with the Rolling Stone, where Kirkman was asked if whether he would reveal the possible ending of his own series to the producer of the show The Walking Dead, before time the show reaches its end and he answered mentioning Martins saying that,

“I would never do that. That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in George R.R. Martin for doing.  He should have just been like, F**k you. You make it up now; I’ll get to mine when I’m ready.”

Now we all known clearly why he mentions this as Kirkman is referring to the fact that George R. R. Martin gave permission to adapt his book to the screens to the showrunner of Game Of Thrones and upon that he even revealed them the outlined the story’s Basic plot of where they might want to take the story ahead. Now that the show has taken over Martins book and has moved forward the plot line of the book series, 3 Major Occurring Events has already been known by the showrunner of GOT, from which two have already been used on the show in season 5 and this year in season 6 episode 4 “The Door” and the final event is said to take place to end the show finally by Season 8.

Well as the words by Robert Kirkman went viral, the fans of George R. R. Martins blasted upon Kirkman on twitter for his remarks and this morning he himself made an apology by clarifying his intention and approach towards what he feels towards Martins in person he took it to Twitter to speak up to the fans.

Robert Kirkman Twitter 1

Robert Kirkman Twitter 2

In a very humorous way he made up to what he said earlier and that shows how generous he can be to have a critical approach to something, yet didn’t mean to hurt people intention as he himself is quite a big fan of Martins works and both being the actual creator of the world that somewhere deals with the zombies, only in The Walking Dead people are killing the Zombies and in Game Of Thrones people are quite afraid of the time the Ice Zombies would be approaching the humans of Westeros. Here it is one of his gifs he posted on twitter and he makes an effort to resolve the issue:


We hope no such difference will get created ahead in time as both being the writer with their work being presently one of the famous on the screens and keep on creating good work. Also do not forget to Watch Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Online on HBO Now, HBO Go and if you still plan on to Watch the show in the traditional way over the television sets then tune yourself to the HBO Networks on May 5th, 2016 night at 9 p.m. ET & 10 p.m. PT Sharp.

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