George R.R. Martin Express his thanks to his Fans for Supporting Him

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We can know how much upset you are as there is a delay in the relaease of Winds of Winter Book by George R.R. Martin. As the Final Post Made by George R.R. Martin Posted that the Book is Still under work and it will release after the release of Game of Thrones Season 6. It very Had to accept but that true Enough and the deadline is being missed which itself stressed the Author too.

There were lot of people hopping for the release of the New book from The editor, Publisher and Producers too at HBO and all the die Heart Fans of the Popular Show. Which made everyone feel down and sad . After the confessuon by Author on his official Blog NotABlog the Comments made by the fans were pleasant they were sad but They were ok as they news it takes takes time and made Martin Comfort.

George R.R. Martin Thanked his Fans for Supporting him in the diffiult time he expected that he can be thanked with hard Words but it went opposite and he found that everyone gaved him time and space to make condition Controlled. He also said that he is stopping all the comments and the announcement through post as  it make everything unsettled. He was clearly happy with the fans concern.


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