George R.R. Martin can Give a new Statement on “Winds Of Winter”

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The News About the all new novel of Winds of Winter can be announced soon As per the official blog of Writer George R.R. Martin. According to recent Interviews and news about George R.R. He said that he is busty in completing his next novel but due to disturbance he was not able to complete it and he is very keen to complete it soon. Yesterday he made a Pessimistic Rumor that he didnt completed a Single new place of the Winds of Winter after A Dance of Dragons was published. As per the sources and news we get to know that he is completeing the new song ‘ A Song of Ice & Fire ‘.

But he laterly made a new Update that the will droup out some Information About Winds of Winter he also added his mood as frustrating its true how much it is frustrating to again and again about about the progress being made. What Martin said:

According to Martin words we can easily understand that is very frustrating to daily give a report about the progress beaing made one after the another And sometimes the questions also go endless many updates goes around internet regarding Game of Thones which makes people more eager to put on more questions.

As of now we can wait for the new update what will be the gift of newyear from Martin. Stay Connected and Share this Post.

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