George R. R. Martin avow the plot of Winds of Winter

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George R. R. Martin appeared at Mysticon in Roanoke. Martin has eliminated a hell lot of projects and appearances to complete The Winds of Winter till 2017, but as he published on his blog, this one was booked almost 2 years before as he thought that it will be sold out in months and he won’t be able to show up. Mysticon is an American science fiction convention which is held in Roanoke, Virginia.

Martin read almost 1.5 chapters according to a person attending that event. They were two Arianne chapters which have been released previously. As always, Martin restricted anyone from recording him reading very loudly from the book. But a part of the Q&A time that Martin did with the moderator has leaked out. Perhaps, Mysticon should have demanded the fans well before not to record this segment as the queries or questions that Martin encounters from the woeful moderator are almost like a burlesque of a pathetic panel. Martin very well replied them in trenchant and succinct manner.

Here is a transcript of the Q&A session that we got for you.

George R. R. Martin

The questions moderator asked are not too interesting and that is why may be Martin has answered them with such a low interest. He answered the questions in his own hypnagogic way, one can expect. The only thing which will make the readers happy is that the next book is going to be released in 2017.

The season 6 and the most awaited season of Game of Thrones is set to be released on 24th April. Its teaser has just arrived which showcases the Hall of Faces with the heads of the dead characters as well as the ones which are alive in the last season. This has really created a buzz in the GoT followers as how so many main characters can die. It also reveals the threat main characters have in the next season. It is quite interesting to see what this teaser actually depicts. But for that all the viewers have to wait till 24th April.

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