Game Of Thrones: The Dead Once Rise Again In Season 6

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Each year the show Game Of Thrones has came to close with some of the knots being released and lefts bringing it to some unbelievable conclusions and this year as the season 5 came to close, the final episode to the season gave some of the shocking scenarios that one would have just not imaging to be happened as people saw a lot of drama, chaos, and death, were the episode saw some of the most important characters being either killed, unfortunately, planned, some for the sake of revenge and rage and that is where we say the death of Myrcella Lannister, the villainous Stannis Baratheon and one of the most liked, loved and popularized character of the show Jon Snow, all three of them died tragically but after months of the season 5 closure, fans on social networking sites kept on the aura of some of the dead once returns and some of the theories do seems convincing of their return in the next Game Of Thrones Season 6.

Game Of Thrones Season 6

Till the half way of the season 5 we kind of loved Stannis for being a man he was but after the show came to half way the true colors of what Stannis did to have a greater hand into this battle which was showcased in the finale episode, was just to cruel and devilish as to sacrifice his own daughter to have greater fate over to win the battle, he lost is own daughter and also during the war, all he got was a small defeat with most of his army going down but we as audience dint expect that a rage that has been restored in a heart from a long while would come head to finally take up the revenge that she has been awaiting for and there we saw Brienne executing Stannis Baratheon, which was not very clear through as has he actually been killed as, Stannis Death was the least expected once but as Brienne promised a revenge to Renly and it is not the first time the makers have planned onto do thing in such manner which seems to give just depth so that to expand the story in some vague manner.

Game Of Thrones Melisandre, Game Of Thrones Jon Snow

Another such unexpected deaths that we observed was this young princess Myrcella Baratheon shown sharing a fatherly bond getting along with Jaime, all of them along moving to the King’s Landing and that is when we observe her bleeding through her nose as a sigh that Ellaria Sand has worked upon as she had planned to poison her, through even this just looks unreasonable as Jaime would have taken care of it, but the reason of her return does not lie in the show, but infact Nell Tiger Free was seen hanging out on the sets of the season 6 and that is just enough to see to it that there are possibilities to might see her retrieve herself again from  dead in some or the other.

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Death

The final and the most talk about character was Jon Snow and the theories that are around being made up on social media by the fans from months now, even though the season 5 has been ended up because nobody really could digest or believe of how can an important character like this be dead. As there is a lot of  speculation being came up from which one has a valuable yet a logical approach got out from the book is that while Jon is getting stabbed by his Black Brother after the first stab he react and feels the knife or the dagger going in but for the rest of the two stabbings that he receives before he falls down and dies all he says is “Ghost” and so there are possibilities that he might posses this power to pass he soul into someone else and let the body die and all he can get into is his Direwolf. Another fan theory which also has a convincing point to it is that as the last episode saw Melisandre arriving at the Knight’s Watch could also have Jon resurrect to bring him back to life for thee appearance in the Game Of Thrones Season 6 with the help of the Lord of Lights.

 Game Of Thrones Season 5 Jon Snow

The reality is that all of these are merely the theories but how can one just deny about the actual thing which can be seen through the bare eyes and that is of Kit Harrington still carrying on the look of Jon’s character, even after the months as the show came to an end, Harrington is seen carrying those same long curly hairs flaunting it out as he somewhere is proving us hints of his character to somehow would return in the next and the sixth season of Game Of Thrones Season 6 but till the show really arrives our televisions all we have got to do is wait and look forward to some hopes as they are likely to get back somehow.

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