Game of Thrones Stayed Silent At People’s Choice Awards 2016

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Source : Winteriscoming

The People’s Choice Awards bring down the happiness for the most popular TV Show the Game of Thrones. On one Hand Emmy Made them Feel low now the People’s Choice too If we look back few month ago the Show had Many Cursory Nominations From the Season 5 as it didnt get so much nominated as expected Whether we look at The Golden Globes Awards too. If they got nominations they didnt got selected.

It was one Time When the Show use to Dominate many Succesfull Awards like The Favourite Cable TV Show the Category where the Show ruled out this time it make them feel down but although Some of the Awards were won by the Star cast Like in Fantasy Actress Category where Outlander Took the Prize but the most awaited award of Faourite Tv Show was Bagged by The Big Banf Theory which was the most Insulting one.Dormer had an Interview With The Daily Mail Where she said that she do not want to read the novel as she never want the story to take end.

We can hope that the Game of Thrones Season 6 Will make the changes in luck of Awards nominations for the show. The Awards ceremony was not attended by Clark and many other Star Cast too.Only Some of the star Cast Attended that evening like Natalie Dormer Who had recently Singed a Horror Movie The Forest.

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