Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Reveals The Plot

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Game of thrones is releasing its 6th edition this year. It will be more brutal, violent and horrifying as the latest teaser is suggesting. After a plunge of photos from the upcoming season released last week, we now have an official trailer teasing what’s in the magical trunk for Westeros this season. There isn’t some more latest footage revealed from the show, but what we saw in the teaser is quite ghoulish and sinister tease of what is going to come, which also includes at more death, using the faces and the severed bodies of the previously demised to leave you unsettled. This is Game of Thrones after all, and plenty of blood is going to be shed again.

The last one to be assassinated in the 5th season is Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). When his face is shown, a line comes,” The Long Night is coming, and the Dead come with it.” For the ones who don’t know, The Long Night refers to the dark and gory period when winter fell over Westeros and hell lot of people died due to the harsh cold and the deadly White Walkers.

So here is the latest teaser of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Still there is no clue about Jon Snow coming back this season, but this teaser is suggesting more demises to come as the heads of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, as well as some important alive characters, make up the final shot of this teaser. It is more terrifying and   promises to startle you. Viewers also should not forget that this will be the first season that will dig into the territory that has been unfathomed in the books. George R. R. Martin announced just after the New Year that he had been unable to finish the next book in the series before the next season.

Whatever may be the plot but season 6 is promising to be more exciting than the earlier seasons. The teaser provides you with more in-depth info about the popular faces of Game of Thrones and the threat they have this season. Game of Thrones Season 6 will be releasing on 24th April, only on HBO.

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