Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoiler: Comeback of This Character Brings Hope To The Dead Once

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Well comebacks aren’t normal, when such comeback of any character which was previously proven, potential in the earlier season, the hopes of new storylines just gets high as they have once again been brought or introduced back in time to support the new wave of narrative of the show. This just get very authentic after the makers of the show has gone ahead of the book series by George R. R. Martins, but could still have the character which are part of the same universe and just few hours back we stumble upon a great news covered by Watcher On The Wall and would like to bring the same towards all the fans waiting for the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6 release.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Thoros Of Myr

Few months back in 2015, WOTW covered a story on the actors that would be coming back this season but were not very sure of some of them, but now they received a confirmation about the actor Paul Kaye who played the character Thoros of Myr aka The Red Priest to make his comeback this season 6 after his absence since his last appearance in GOT S3 episode “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”. Well the official announcement made its way from Paul Kaye’s agency, Vivienne Clore, which reported about his present work projects that his is associated with, which also mentioned this, Paul has also been busy with television roles, you can catch him in the eagerly awaited Season 6 of Game of Thrones which debuts on Sky Atlantic Monday 25th April.

Potential Game Of Thrones 6 SPOILER Ahead!

So now what’s interesting about his comeback is that unlike what Melisandre’s character promises of resurrecting, which hasn’t been evidential, Thoros has actually resurrected somebody earlier and it’s none other than dead “Beric Dondarrion” who was brought to life by Thoros of Myr, which increases the chances of few of our dead characters which we really would like to get back firstly would be “Jon Snow” & next would be “The Hound”, whose death was quite uncertain as we never saw him die out.

Well that is just a speculation, but Watchers also reported that Kaye comeback bring him into this scene of hanging, means Thoros along with his band of outlaws go on hang someone which in actual is a part that consist of the book, “A Feast for Crows”. His entry would evoke more story line such as the character which hasn’t been much showcased and explored by the series which is of Lady Stoneheart as in the book she leads the Brotherhood Without Banners to hung the members of the Frey Family.

Game Of Thrones Lady Stone Heart

Now you see how important is Paul Kaye’s character “Thoros Of Myr” could prove to get us on with new and exciting storyline, helping to explore more drama in the upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 6, releasing the coming Sunday on 24th at 9p.m. ET & 10p.m. PT only on HBO Networks.

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